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  • Intermediate Courses

    Joint Air Operations Planning Course JAOPC is a 10-day Professional Continuing Education course sponsored by HAF/A8XX. The objective of the course is to educate students in the fundamental concepts, principles and doctrine required to develop the air portion of a joint/combined campaign plan. The target audience
  • Lessons Learned

    Air Force Lessons Learned (AFLL) The LeMay Center for Doctrine Development and Education is the Executive Agent for the Chief of Staff of the Air Force for Lessons Learned. Our mission is to provide seamless operational/strategic lessons to operational planning, execution, and
  • Senior Leader Courses

    COMBINED FORCE AIR COMPONENT COMMANDER COURSE (CFACC) OBJECTIVE: Prepare Service Chief-selected general officers from all four Services and International Services for theater-level combined force air combat leadership. It is tailored to provide our future CFACCs with a broad perspective of the operational level of
  • Doctrine Websites

    Air Force Doctrine The LeMay Center for Doctrine Development and Education, located at Maxwell AFB, AL, develops and revises all Air Force basic and operational-level doctrine. Joint Doctrine The LeMay Center for Doctrine
  • JFOWC Information Guide

    The Joint Flag Officer Warfighting Course is an evolutionary step in the continuing education for flag officers in joint and combined matters. This 2-week course combines previous programs taught at the Air University and Army War College and is co-sponsored by the Army War College, Naval War College, Marine Corps University and Air University. The
  • U.S. Air Force Wargaming Gateway (.mil only)

    Links appearing in this article are only accessible from .mil networks Exercise in National Budgeting Priorities XNBP is an unclassified, stand-alone, computerized executive planning exercise addressing national budget priorities as impacted by presidential and

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