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  • Long Duration Logistics Wargame (LDLW)

     AFMC/AMC-sponsored Long Duration Logistics Wargame; examine, validate, and quantify the needed support, potential shortfalls, and gaps that contested logistics issues might have in completing missions.

  • Global Mobility (GLOMO)

     AMC/AFMC-sponsored Wargame; examine Global Mobility across the competition continuum, in a contested environment against a peer adversary.   Wargaming Institute Home

  • Schriever Wargame Series

    The Schriever Wargame (SW) is the United States Space Force’s (USSF) Title-10 operational Wargame series. The SW23 Capstone Wargame will explore space and cyberspace issues and challenges, primarily at the operational level, in a multinational, SAP-informed environment.

  • Power

    The Power series, named after General Thomas Power, the commander of Strategic Air Command during the Cuban Missile Crisis, is a strategic-focused game series designed to address difficult problem sets and strategic questions facing the United States in uncertain times.

  • Medical

    An unclassified wargame in support of the Air Force Medical Readiness Agency and the Air Force Surgeon General.The intent of the most recent wargame was to test the capability and effectiveness of medical force design to support line of the Air Force conducting Agile

  • Kingfish ACE

    Kingfish ACE is an educational boardgame designed by HAF/A5 to educate airmen on the complexities of operating in an Agile Combat Employment (ACE) environment. Kingfish ACE immerses players in an Pacific operation where they must coordinate air logistics with their team

  • Judge Advocate Wargames

    Integrates students from the Staff Judge Advocate Course and Law Office Manager’s Course into individual wing-level legal teams

  • Global Engagement

    HAF-sponsored Wargame; strategic-level wargame focused on a peer adversary across the competition continuum, focused on ACE and JADO

  • Future Capabilities Game

    Futures” is a long-range strategic planning activity that compares focused on multiple, simultaneous peer adversaries, and force structures.