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  • PACE

    PACE is an unclassified educational game intended to quickly teach the strengths and weaknesses of various communications capabilities in a Denied, Disrupted, Intermittent, and Limited (DDIL) environment. PACE also stands for Primary, Alternate, Contingency, and

  • Air Force Wargame Indo-Pacific

    Air Force Wargame Indo-Pacific is an interactive and exciting multi-domain, air-centric boardgame. Play as the air component commander of either the United States, or the only competitor in the Pacific with the intent and power to reshape international order, China. You

  • AI Sense

    As AI systems proliferate, humans no longer have the option of ignoring a future where they are ubiquitous.

  • AI Maneuver: Controlling the Tempo Across Domains

    When discussing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its application to the battlefield, it is important to consider the principles of war. Distilled from centuries of military theorists, the principles of war are generally accepted guidelines for conducting military operations.

  • Finding the Cracks: A New Perspective on AI in Military Applications

    The du jour in political and military circles (and to an extent in the civilian sector) is the approaching ubiquity of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the near certainty that it will be THE revolutionary technology to upend the economy, national security, political discourse, etc.

  • Long Duration Logistics Wargame (LDLW)

     AFMC/AMC-sponsored Long Duration Logistics Wargame; examine, validate, and quantify the needed support, potential shortfalls, and gaps that contested logistics issues might have in completing missions.

  • Global Mobility (GLOMO)

     AMC/AFMC-sponsored Wargame; examine Global Mobility across the competition continuum, in a contested environment against a peer adversary.   Wargaming Institute Home