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PaceSetters are 1-2 page tools for use in developing yourself, as well as your fellow Airmen, in all aspects of professionalism. The tools range from recognition and resources to teamwork and relationship building. These tools are quick to implement ideas and solutions to everyday occurrences Airmen and leaders face throughout the Air Force.

This PACEsetter encourages the team to use every possible idea to reach the goal.

This PACEsetter displays the variation of thinking and how a variety of voices are key to innovation and problem solving.

This PACEsetter demonstrate creativity and building on other’s ideas.

This PACEsetter is a social affair where younger and/or less experienced people are given an opportunity to gain guidance and input from a range of more experienced people

Attachments: Sample Questions | Mentor Cards | Mentee Cards | Timeline

This PACEsetter provides an opportunity for CGOs and Junior Enlisted to spend time with senior leadership during the duty day.

This PACEsetter helps give leaders a way to recognize outstanding performance and offer a reward people with time off.

This PACEsetter aims to foster and support today's young Air and Space Professionals. We must always remember our impressionable teammates are the future of America’s Air and Space Forces.

This PACEsetter is a guide to offer a simple extension of appreciation

This PACEsetter is to foster an environment of comradery and personal connectedness that will increase the probability of a stronger sense of Airman identity and trust, loyalty, and commitment within an organization.

A daily tool to prioritize the act of giving sincere, specific and positive feedback that recognizes and reinforces good behaviors. The TSBT model instills feedback as a foundation of leadership, shared positively and constructively to bolster team cohesion

This PACEsetter can be used to help your team understand the why, how, and what of your organization.

Three Slides is a creative way to introduce new members to a unit and/or learn more about coworkers through pictures/stories. 3 Slides Example

This PACEsetter helps establish a culture of ownership and pride in one’s individual job and unit mission and initiative an act to improve them.

Attachments: Creech Blue

This PACEsetter is designed to provide a more thorough analytical teaching tool through use of situations or "case studies" (often the story of an individual or individuals) and provide application of core values and character development of personnel.

Attachments: Ethical Failure

A How-to Activity to further the Art of Leading Oneself