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  • Air University hosts first-ever JADO, JADC2 symposium

    Military and government representatives from multiple academic and intelligence communities met in-person and virtually for the first-ever Air University Joint All Domain Operation/Joint All-Domain Command and Control Symposium, Nov. 18-20, 2020.
  • Air University Press releases The Hydra: The Strategic Paradox of Human Security in Mexico

    In The Hydra: The Strategic Paradox of Human Security in Mexico, Maj. Zachary Martin explores the social climate and circumstances in Mexico that have led to increased cartel activity over the past 20 years.
  • ACSC, Air University celebrate Air Corps Tactical School’s 100th anniversary

    On Oct. 31, 2020, Air Command and Staff College military leaders, students and faculty celebrated Air Corps Tactical School’s centennial with cake and good cheers in remembering those who went before in carrying the torch of air power.
  • ACSC Schriever Space Scholars expands to meet demand for space studies

    Military members from all branches of service, including the new U.S. Space Force, and international officers from five countries are coming to Air University in Montgomery, Alabama, to study space. Their studies are with the Schriever Space Scholars at Air University’s Air Command and Staff College. Schriever Space Scholars began in 2018 as a
  • ACSC deputy leadership chair garners prestigious Blacks in Government award

    The award recognizes Blacks in government who promote diversity throughout a variety of government organizations, including the Department of Defense.
  • Air University teaches space as a warfighting domain

    In all levels of professional military education and select professional continuing education curricula, the university will now be presenting space curriculum that is focused on developing joint-minded graduates who are prepared for joint, all-domain conflict, where the space domain is likely to be contested, degraded and operationally limited.
  • Air University’s yearlong schools open with in-residence teaching

    Air University’s yearlong schools have started the new academic year with students attending classes in person.The School of Advanced Air and Space Studies started teaching on July 7, Air War College opened its doors to students July 21 and Air Command and Staff College classes start Aug 10.Air University leadership made the decision to go ahead
  • 42nd MPF maintains safety during ACSC out processing

    Airmen from the 42nd Military Personnel Flight out process Air Command and Staff College students, May 28, 2020, on Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. In order to maintain current safety precautions, the process was modified to allow the students to complete all required paperwork without having to leave their vehicles. (U.S. Air Force photo by
  • Air University, Arizona State University partner to transform Air Force’s online PME

    Air Force students recently crossed a digital threshold by logging in to a new, custom Squadron Officer School portal made possible by an innovative collaboration.
  • Air University advanced education continues from dens, living rooms

    It’s been more than a month since Air University’s degree-granting schools had to abruptly close their doors and move to virtual teaching because the COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant physical distancing and other stringent health and safety measures significantly altered daily life.In mid-March, hundreds of students attending Air War College,