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The Squadron Officer School (SOS) in-residence program is a 5 week educational experience for USAF captains. The purpose of the program is to help develop solution-minded, bold and courageous Airmen ready to overcome today's and tomorrow's challenges. In order to accomplish this task, the course is structured around three primary areas leadership, strategic design, and multi-domain joint warfare. Students will engage in classroom and hands-on application events that will challenge their individual leadership awareness, foster innovative thinking, provide effective methods for conflict resolution, and collaboratively solve problems.

SOS Mission & Vision:"Enhance air and space minded leaders...primed to prevail in competitive environments."  

SOS Goal:   Graduated students will return to their units with an enhanced understanding of the institutional competencies, leadership actions, and key elements of reasoning required to fly, fight, and win in the 21st century.

For prospective faculty applying for Officer Instructor & Recruiting Specialty Duty (OIRSD) board or in-bound instructors, please review the side panel for additional information and opportunities.

SOS Curriculum

SOS Curriculum

Students who do not travel to Maxwell AFB, the program will still require their full duty day (see  TDY In Place’ expectations for students and their supervisors).  In order to participate fully, you need internet access and a computer/personal device capable of video web conferencing. Uniform for each day will ABU/OCP/flight suit for captains and business casual for civilians. Inbound Student Information contains pertinent information needed during SOS VIR-R.

*IAW SOS Enrollment Policy, Section 2., c., At 0730 CST 14 days prior to Class Start Date, the "end enrollment" date is effective and final. This will allow TRQI managers to make changes without coordination with SOS/ODP until the end enrollment date.  

Training Reports (AF Form 475)

In accordance with AFI 36-2406, within 60 calendar days after completion of SOS,  the school will forward the original AF Form 475, Education/Training Report (TR), to HQ Air Force Personnel Center for filing into the Master Personnel Record Group (MPerRGp). SOS does not keep a copy of the Training Report. Further information is available under SOS FAQ.

For missing Training Reports, contact the agency below:
Active Duty – AFPC/PBSE / Randolph AFB, TX / DSN 665-4612                    Guard/Reserve – ARPC/DPBR1 / Denver, CO / DSN 926-6340


Squadron Officer School
125 Chennault Circle 

Building 1403
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112