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The eSchool's Squadron Officer School (SOS) program is the Air Force's primary developmental education (PDE) distance learning (DL) program designed to advance the professional development foundation provided by the accessions programs. The PDE/SOS DL curriculum is based on Air Force and joint professional military education publications for subject matter content in leadership, communication, profession of arms, warfare, and international security areas of study. As an Air Force educational program, PDE/SOS DL seeks to provide an “air-minded” curriculum that prepares graduates for greater responsibilities at the squadron level while also building critical thinking skills in the application of airpower for national security goals and objectives.

On 17 January 2017, the PDE/SOS DL program transitioned from its legacy format to a new curriculum (edition 2.0) that includes a robust mix of self-paced and asynchronous facilitated courses designed to provide students with peer-to-peer interaction and collaboration opportunities, facilitation by certified faculty, and the ability to customize the program to suit personal and professional needs.  This transition continues the transformation of the officer PME experience.

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