Blackboard Helpdesk Page

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  • Squadron Officer School, Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL

SOC Blackboard Location:

Login/username and password: FIRST.LAST.SOS (unless notified otherwise)

Example: john.smith.sos

In some cases you may have a number after your last name (firstname.lastname1.sos).

*NOTE:  Student Blackboard accounts will not be available until Thursday prior to class start date.

SOS Distance Learning and LDP Blackboard logins will NOT work for SOS residence course accounts. 


NOTE: Please wait three (3) business days after email notification of Nonresident SOS Program MSOS003 course enrollment before attempting to login to Blackboard due to system requirements.

    MSOS003-Squadron Officer School Distance Learning

      • 1. Log into AU Portal
      • 2. Click on My Info> Account Info on the left-hand menu
      • 3. Username will be shown on this page (NOTE: .au MUST be added to the end of the AU Portal username to use for Blackboard.)
      • To access your course materials Login to SOC Blackboard with your username and password.


        • Password: Go to the Blackboard log in screen and select Forgot Your Password under the login blocks. Use your username with .au added or the email used during AU Portal account registration.

        For password resets, account technical assistance, or administrative issues such as enrollment problems or course extension requests, please visit and click on "SOC: SOS and LDP." Check the FAQs or click on "Request Support."

        Squadron Officer School
        125 Chennault Circle 

        Building 1403
        Maxwell AFB, AL 36112