Strategic Studies Quarterly

Volume 12 Issue 2 - Summer 2018

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  • Strategic Studies Quarterly, Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL

The 2018 National Defense Strategy:  Continuity and Competition
The 2018 National Defense Strategy:  Continuity and Competition

Kelly A. Grieco
The 2018 NDS focuses on great power competition, but does it represent more continuity than change in the Trump administration's defense policies? 

The Trump Nuclear Posture Review:  Three Issues, Nine Implications
The Trump Nuclear Posture Review:  Three Issues, Nine Implications

Stephen J. Cimbala
Are we headed for a lower threshold between conventional war fighting and nuclear first use in Europe or Asia?


Attribution and Operational Art:  Implications for Competing in Time
Attribution and Operational Art:  Implications for Competing in Time

Lt Col Garry S. Floyd Jr., USAF
Should planners use a covert operations approach that better accounts for the attribution problems inherent to operations in the cyber domain?


Beyond the Tweets:  President Trump’s Continuity in Military Operations
Beyond the Tweets:  President Trump’s Continuity in Military Operations

Peter Dombrowski and Simon Reich
Is President Trump’s approach to the use of military force characterized more by change or continuity compared to his predecessors? 

A New Security Framework for Geoengineering
A New Security Framework for Geoengineering

Elizabeth L. Chalecki and Lisa L. Ferrari
Will geoengineering technologies have the potential to disrupt the global ecological status quo and mount a potentially coercive threat with implications as serious as those in wartime?

Space Arms Control:  A Hybrid Approach
Space Arms Control:  A Hybrid Approach

Brian G. Chow
Can a treaty restricting positioning of satellites and authorizing preemptive self-defense create a less threatening space environment?


Book Cover - The Logic of American Nuclear Strategy
The Logic of American Nuclear Strategy:  Why Strategic Superiority Matters

By:  Matthew Kroenig
Reviewed by:  Todd C. Robinson

Book Cover - Strategic Cyber Deterrence
Strategic Cyber Deterrence: The Active Cyber Defense Option

By:  Scott Jasper
Reviewed by:  Stephen Bucci

Book Cover - US Foreign Policy and Defense Strategy
US Foreign Policy and Defense Strategy: The Evolution of an Incidental Superpower

By:  Derek S. Reveron, Nikolas K. Gvosdev, and
        Mackubin Thomas Owens

Reviewed by:  LTC Kurt P. VanderSteen, USA, Retired

Book Cover - Getting Nuclear Weapons Right
Getting Nuclear Weapons Right

By:  Stephen J. Cimbala
Reviewed by:  Mel Deaile

Book Cover - The President's Book of Secrets
The President's Book of Secrets: The Untold Story of Intelligence Briefings to America’s Presidents from Kennedy to Obama

By:  David Priess
Reviewed by:  Damon Coletta

Book Cover - Future War
Future War: Preparing for the New Global Battlefield

By:  Robert H. Latiff
Reviewed by:  Capt Sean E. Thompson, USAF

Book Cover - Courting Science
Courting Science: Securing the Foundation of a Second American Century

By:  Damon V. Coletta
Reviewed by:  Lt Col Joe Bassi, PhD, USAF, Retired


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