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  • Designing Effective Writing Assignments

    Articles & BooksGood Writing Assignments = Good Thinking: A Proven WID Philosophy (Stout, R., 1997). The article, published in Language and Learning Across the Disciplines, reshapes the notion of writing assignments as more accurately "thinking assignments," and discusses how to effectively design them to ensure students think critically about
  • MS Surface Hub

    Overview The following sections provide ...   How to Study The following books promoting faculty expertise are reserved at the MSFRIC on the TLC reserve shelf.     How to Read
  • Facilitating Peer Review

    VideosPeer Review in the Classroom: A Guide for Students (MIT). Faculty from MIT’s Comparative Media Studies & Writing explain the peer review process to student writers. No One Writes Alone: Peer Review in the Classroom - A Guide for Instructors (MIT). Faculty from MIT’s Comparative Media Studies & Writing explain how instructors conduct student
  • Responding to Student Writing

    Diagnosing and Responding to Student Writing (Dartmouth). Website discusses several types of responses to student writing and effective use of margin and end comments. Brief Guide to Responding to Student Writing (Harvard). A selected guide from the Harvard Writing Project’s Guides to Teaching Writing that provides practical advice on effective and
  • Writing Video Library

    Introduction to Academic Writing                       Introduction to Academic Writing. Video produced by the Air Force Research Institute (AFRI) as part of the Academic Writing for Airman Video Series. Provides a tutorial of the principles of good academic writing for an academic essay.    
  • ESL Resources

    ESL Grammar Guides & Resources In addition to the resources below, you may find it helpful to review the Online Grammar Guides within the Online Resources section and the Grammar, Mechanics, Punctuation, and Style resources within the Stage 5. Edit Your Work section. ESL Guide & Language Resources (UNC – Chapel Hill). Comprehensive list of ESL
  • Reading Practices for Academic Writing

    Reading practices that improve learning and retention do not occur naturally for many students. Rather than passively reading a selection from start to finish, students must actively engage and interact with the assigned reading in order to understand, analyze, and apply what they have learned to their writing. As such, effective reading serves as
  • TLC Library Reference Shelf at MSFRIC

    TLC Reserve Shelf in the MSFRIC The following books promoting faculty expertise are reserved at the MSFRIC on the TLC reserve shelf.    Teaching  
  • Online Resources

    Open-Source Writing and Research SoftwareZotero (George Mason University & Corporation for Digital Scholarship). An open-source research tool that helps writers collect, organize, analyze, and share research.  Develop an Assignment TimelineAssignment Calculator (University of Minnesota Libraries, Center for Writing, and Center for Teaching &
  • Print Resources

    Click on Each Title for Location and Availability at the Air University Muir S. Fairchild Research Information Center (MSFRIC)   The Elements of Style, 4th Edition (Strunk & White) This is the classic style manual, now in a fourth edition. A new Foreword by Roger Angell reminds readers that the advice of Strunk & White is as valuable today as
  • Stage 6. Publish Your Writing

    Publishing Style Guides  AU 1, Style and Author Guide, 2nd Edition (Air University). Part 2 of the Style and Author Guide provides instructions for manuscript submissions for publication by Air University Press.   Chicago Manual of Style Online (University of Chicago Press). The Chicago Manual of Style Online provides recommendations on editorial
  • Research Papers & Theses

    The following resources may be helpful in augmenting the research guidance received from your specific school or program at Air University. Before getting started with any research, be sure to review the assignment instructions and rubric.   Develop Your Topic, Research Questions, and Hypotheses In addition to the books below, you may find it
  • Stage 5. Edit Your Writing

    Overview of EditingEditing and Proofreading Strategies (University of Minnesota). Provides strategies to thoroughly and carefully edit and proofread your final draft. Editing the Essay, Part I (Harvard). Part I of a two-part article that provides guidelines for editing your essay. Editing the Essay, Part II (Harvard). Part II of a two-part article
  • Stage 4. Revise Your Writing

    Revising involves re-seeing or re-visioning your writing from the perspective of the audience. At this stage, you should focus on main ideas and not correcting errors, which is done later during editing. After revising, your writing should be clear and thorough.Before you revise, you should take a break from your writing so that you can read it
  • Writing Process & Essay Structure

    Overview of the Writing Process & Essay Structure: The Writing Process (Air Force Research Institute). Video produced by the Air Force Research Institute (AFRI) as part of the Academic Writing for Airman Video Series. Provides a tutorial of the writing process (analyze, plan, draft, revise, edit, and publish) for an academic essay. Writing Process

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