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Air Command and Staff College
225 Chennault Circle
Maxwell AFB AL 36112-6426
Comm: 334-953-xxxx
DSN: 493-xxxx
Fax: (334) 953-6917

Distance Learning ACSC Student Services 
(334) 953-7902 or email eschool_helpdesk@outlook.com

Air Force Students: Inbound ACSC Student Services
(334) 953-2226 or email

Resident Program Advisors:

Civilian Advisor: Commercial (334) 953-9820 or DSN 493-9820

USA Advisor: Commercial (334) 953-2226 or DSN 493-2226

USMC Advisor: Commercial (334) 953-6592 or DSN 493-6592

USN Advisor: Commercial (334) 953-6153 or DSN 493-6153                                                       

PAS Advisor: Commercial (334) 953- 8886 or DSN 493- 8886

MDOS Advisor: Commercial (334) 953-3277 or DSN 493-3277 

SANDS Advisor: Commercial (334) 953-2636 or DSN 493-2636  

Blue Horizons Advisor: Commercial (334) 953-2985 or DSN 493-2985     

ARC / ANG Advisor: Commercial (334) 953-7113 or DSN 493-7113



For AU Transcript Requests, please visit the AU Registrar

For information on the application process, please check with your chain of command or call your AFPC Developmental Team. For Active Duty Air Force, AFPC will send out a message requesting candidates for the Intermediate Developmental Education (IDE) Designation Board in the February timeframe. Reservists, please visit the ARPC Force Development page for more information.  

Air Command and Staff College Shield
225 Chennault Circle
Maxwell AFB, Alabama 36112-6426

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