The ACSC resident curriculum is a rigorous 10-month graduate-level program taught through intensive small group seminars and engaging lectures. Courses cover topics that include the profession of arms, leadership and ethics, joint operations, airpower, and the international security environment. Additionally, students have the opportunity to conduct research and participate in elective courses that explore topics of varying interests. Successful completion of the ACSC Resident Program are awarded Joint Professional Military Education I credit and the Masters of Military Operational Art and Science Degree to qualified students who meet all curriculum and criteria requirements.

Air Command and Staff College is upheld by a world-class faculty. The faculty include individuals from the Air Force Active Duty, Guard, Reserves, Civilians, Joint Force, Allies and Partner Nations, and civilian academic institutions. Over fifty percent of the faculty have earned a doctorate degree to include some of our military faculty. The faculty at ACSC are dedicated to developing and educating air-minded joint leaders, inspiring them toward life-long learning and leadership excellence.


Air Command and Staff College sponsors three distinct Concentration Programs that explore operational and strategic challenges confronting the joint force in air, sea, land, space, and cyber. Students participating in these programs will benefit from elements of ACSC’s core curriculum while also receiving specialized instruction and professional development in their respective concentrations.


The Gathering of Eagles is a historic event hosted at Air Command and Staff College annually as a Capstone Event. Speakers from around the world come to ACSC to discuss leadership, airpower, courage, and so much more. The Gathering of Eagles provides a critical connection between Maxwell Air Force Base and the community through their Gathering of Eagles Foundation.


Air Command and Staff College is home to a top-notch faculty and the top 15% of field grade officers across the joint force and coalition partners resulting in outstanding research, scholarship, and policy proposals. Discover the incredible work produced here at ACSC.


The eSchool's Air Command and Staff College (ACSC) distance learning  (DL) intermediate developmental education (IDE) curriculum is designed to produce a more effective field-grade officer serving inoperational-level command or staff positions.  The IDE/ACSC DL program emphasizes applying airpower in joint campaign planning and the operational art of war.  Students explore national security issues, strategy and war theory, airpower history and theory, expeditionary Air Force force-employment concepts, and the capabilities and limitation that the Air Force and its sister services contribute to the joint force commanders.  All curriculum is web based and accessed through an online learning management system.  In addition to readings, the program includes a variety of computer-based interactive learning activities and exercises and leverages social media tools to enable peer-to-peer interaction and learning.  Self-paced study is enhanced by a national security paper and three multi-week, collaborative, online-facilitated seminars.