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ACSC Commandant Welcomes Class of 2022

ACSC Commandant Welcomes Class of 2022

Dear Class of 2022,

Col Lee Gentile, Commandant Congratulations on your selection to attend Air Command and Staff College (ACSC).  The mission of ACSC is to educate and develop air-minded joint leaders able to lead, compete, and win in a dangerous world.  As our current National Security Strategy states, "we face an extraordinarily dangerous world, filled with a wide range of threats that have intensified in recent years" (NSS, 2017, I).  In light of this reality, at ACSC you will engage in 10 months of professional military education designed around rigorous academics and littered with personal and professional development opportunities.  This is a major career milestone that affords you the opportunity to grow as an officer and leader in the profession of arms. Over the course of the upcoming year, you will engage with material covering a wide spectrum, from the theory of war, airpower history and application, and international security to leadership and joint planning.  In conjunction with core academics you will have the opportunity to choose from over 100 elective courses, independent research projects, and/or research task forces.

I expect your assignment to ACSC will be both challenging and rewarding.  The academics are unapologetically demanding because your future gaining units need you to be better for having had the Air Force invest these ten months in you.  A typical work week requires at least 50-60 hours of focused effort.  At the same time, however, you and your family will have a predictable schedule with quarterly breaks, allowing you to plan leave in advance based on the academic calendar.

Finally, your classmates at ACSC will include some of the top officers from across our services and some 70 countries around the world. Civilian professionals from the Department of Defense, FBI, DIA, and additional agencies round out the diverse class. You will be taught by a top-notch faculty with over 40 PhDs and receive personal mentorship from experienced military and civilian leaders.  Year after year, senior leaders mention the value of the relationships they developed while at ACSC.

My staff and faculty are dedicated to fulfilling our mission of educating and developing air-minded joint leaders who can tackle the challenges presented by our dangerous world. We can’t wait for you to join us!



Lee G. Gentile, Jr., Colonel, USAF