Joint All Domain Strategist

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  • Air Command and Staff College, Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL

Joint All Domain Strategist (JADS)

JADS Background
JADS (formerly known as MDOS) is a Secretary of the Air Force recognized and AETC award winning program. In 2018, JADS won the AETC award for innovation in joint and multi domain warfighting and two Secretary of the Air Force leadership awards. Additionally, JADS was described in 2019 by the Secretary of the Air Force in Senate testimony as “THE EXAMPLE” for how the Air Force should innovate PME.
The concentration is a selective, year-long, advanced program specializing in developing leaders who understand the employment of joint all domain maneuver to counter future threats in contested and degraded environments. The curriculum focuses on improving critical thinking and problem-solving skills at the operational level of war. It prepares selected students for future operational and command assignments requiring advanced knowledge of the capabilities, methods, and challenges associated with operations within and across six domains (electromagnetic spectrum, space, air, land, maritime, and human). Additionally, students study and apply strategic and operational design, reflexive control theory, aggregation theory, decision making theory, risk analysis, and a host of other essential topics crucial for developing future strategists. 
Students also have the opportunity to conduct advanced research that address real world hard problems with organizations such as MIT Lincoln Labs and Georgia Tech Research Institute.
JADS is a fast paced and exceptionally demanding course. It requires individuals that are dedicated, write well, complete tasks with minimal guidance, and can operate in a forward-looking educational environment where curriculum development is ongoing.

Application Process
During AY23, JADS will be limited to a maximum of 48 students who will be formed into four seminars. 
Students seeking admission to JADS must volunteer by 1) completing an online application here, 2) providing a current SURF, and 3) sending a one-page summary of their operational experience and what they can contribute to JADS plenary and seminar sessions. The format for the one-page summary is 12 pt./New Times Roman/single spaced. 
Please send the SURF and one page summary to no later than 31 March 2023.
NOTE: All JADS students MUST have TS/SCI security clearances before they arrive at ACSC.
Students selected for JADS will report with the ACSC initial student cadre (RNLT 7 July). Exceptions to this can be approved on a case-by-case basis.
POC is Dr. Jeff Reilly, Director, JADS. Email:; phone (334) 207-5397.