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Joint All Domain Strategist

Joint All Domain Strategist (JADS)

Joint All Domain Strategist was formerly Multi Domain Operational Strategist (MDOS) and was re-designated JADS in AY21 by the Air University Commander, in order to capture the joint nature of the course.  In 2018, MDOS received the AETC innovation award for furthering the CSAF's priorities of expanding the joint and multi-domain warfighting abilities of airmen.  The concentration is a selective year-long advanced program specializing in developing leaders who understand the employment of joint all domain operational maneuver to counter future threats in contested and degraded environments.

The curriculum focuses on improving critical thinking and problem solving skills at the operational level of war.  It prepares selected students for future operational and command assignments requiring advanced knowledge of the capabilities, methods, and challenges associated with operations within and across the six domains (electromagnetic spectrum, space, air, land, maritime, and human).  Additionally, students study and apply strategic and operational design, reflexive control theory, aggregation theory, decision making theory, and risk analysis. JADS students have participated in events such as AUSTERE CHALLENGE, PACIFIC FURY, ABMS, Doolittle wargames, WEPTAC as well as German and Polish war college exercises.

A call for applications will be sent in the Spring to all incoming ACSC Students. If you have any questions, please email the JADS Faculty at

JADS Application

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