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Multi Domain Operational Strategists (MDOS)

Multi Domain Operational Strategists (MDOS) is an AETC award winning program for innovation in multi domain operations and joint warfighting.  It is a year-long, advanced level course focusing on developing future leaders who understand how to employ multi domain operational maneuver to counter emerging threats.  This concentration prepares selected students for operational and command assignments requiring cutting-edge knowledge of planning and operations. Students study and apply strategic and operational design, the joint operations planning process, reflexive control, decision making theory, and risk analysis.  Additionally, students participate in exercises and wargames with German and Polish War Colleges, as well as the Doolittle Wargame Series.  Post-graduation approximately 40% of MDOS students attend SAASS, SAMS or SAW, 10% are selected for command, and 50% receive operational-level assignments.

 A call for applications will be sent in March. If you have any questions, please email Dr. Jeff Reilly at jeffrey.reilly@us.af.mil.


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