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Uniform Requirements

Uniform Requirements

1. U.S. Military Students: Bring all duty uniforms with you to ACSC

2. The primary duty uniform at Maxwell AFB is the OCP uniform (or equivalent) and/or flight suit. International Officers should bring a complete set of their country's equivalent of the camouflage fatigue/utility uniform (i.e. OCP), and a service dress uniform (coat, tie and hat)

3. Civilians are expected to comply with reasonable dress and grooming standards based on comfort, productivity, health, safety and type of position occupied. Jeans are not authorized.

Formal Mess Dress Army Mess Dress (Blue or White) Optional: Dress Blue or Dress White with Black Bow Tie Seasonal Dinner Dress Blue Dinner Dress White Evening Dress or Dress Blue and/or Blue/White "A" Tuxedo (Black Tie) / Ladies Formal
Semi-Formal Service Dress Class A Army Green Service Uniform with Coat and Four-in-Hand Tie Seasonal Service Dress Blue Service Dress White Summer White Service "A" Business Suit Skirt / Blouse Cocktail Dress
Informal Normally short sleeve blue shirt, open collar Class B Army Green Service Uniform (w/o coat and tie) Service Khaki Alternate: Summer White Winter Blue Aviation Working Green Service "B" or "C" uniform Dress Shirt Dress Slacks
Duty Uniform OCP or Flight Suit* OCP or Flight Suit Camouflage Utility Uniform/Flight Suit Service Khaki Shipboard Overalls Utilities / Flight Suit Casual