Political Affairs Strategist

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  • Air Command and Staff College, Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL

Political Affairs Strategist

The Political-Military Affairs Strategist (PAS) program is designed to meet ACSC’s mission to educate and develop air-minded joint leaders and simultaneously meet SAF/IA’s mission to develop International Airmen capable of strengthening US and global security across all US Air Force mission areas. In addition to the ACSC core curriculum, the PAS program is designed to provide a broad knowledge of political-military affairs through a series of SAF/IA-sponsored lectures and specially approved elective courses that focus on joint, interagency, interorganizational or multinational (JIIM) topics. Upon successful completion ACSC-PAS graduates will earn a secondary AFSC of 16P which denotes qualification as a political military affairs strategist. Graduates will normally participate in one career broadening tour in an International Affairs position as their first or second post ACSC assignment. These officers fill vital positions across OSD, JCS, COCOM, Air Staff, MAJCOM, and NAF staffs. Additionally, many go on to fill interagency, exchange, or other positions across the security cooperation enterprise. The PAS program is governed by guidance in AFI 16-109.


ACSC-PAS is a Total Force program.  AD officers are selected by their Developmental Education Designation Board (DEDB) while ARC officers are solicited for application during their respective IDE Orientation. If you have any questions, please email the Program Director at