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Dean of Education

Dean of Education

The Dean of Education at the ACSC Resident Program (ACSC-R) is assisted by the Associate Dean of Education (Policy-Strategy) and the Associate Dean of Education (Operations). Together, they help run the day-to-day educational operations of ACSR-R, as well as planning for curriculum integration, accreditation, faculty management and development, and coordination with Air University and other external DoD and civilian agencies.

Dr. James Wood Forsyth, Jr., Colonel, USAF (Retired)

Dr. James Forsyth is the ACSC Resident Dean of Education (DE).  A retired USAF Colonel, he recieved his Ph.D. in International Studies at the University of Denver.  As the ACSC-R Program Manager, Dr. Forsyth is the is the principal advisor to the ACSC Commandant on all aspects of JPME. He provides leadership and strategic guidance to the ACSC-R faculty and ensures accomplishment of the JPME mission. This mission includes execution of all joint professional military education (JPME-I) curriculum requirements to include development of course materials, academic presentations, and standards for implementation, operation, and administration of ACSC-R. Further, Dr. Forsyth ensures ACSC-R complies with external inputs from the SECAF, the CSAF, the Air Staff, Air Force Major Commands, CJCS.  Vitae

Dr. John G. Terino, Lt Col, USAF (Retired)  

Dr. John Terino is the Associate Dean for Policy and Strategy.  At ACSC, he teaches courses on Leadership and Warfare, Airpower, the Practice of Command, Joint Warfare Planning, Joint Air Planning, and an elective on the Air Force in Fact, Fiction, and Film. Prior to teaching at ACSC, he was a professor at the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies (SAASS).  While at SAASS, he directed the school’s course on Technology and Military Innovation, courses on Airpower History, and the institution’s wargaming activities.  Before coming to Air University, he taught for four years at the Air Force Academy in the Department of History. He retired from the Air Force in the grade of Lieutenant Colonel in 2008 after serving for almost 23 years.  He received his Ph.D. in the History and Sociology of Science from the University of Pennsylvania in 2001. In his spare time, John enjoys officiating cross country and track and field, reading, and attending the cinema.

Research Interest/Expertise: Airpower, USAF History, History of Technology, Military History.

Lt Col Bradley J. Pogue  

Lt Col Bradley J. Pogue is Associate Dean of Education Operations at the Air Command and Staff College. Within ACSC he previously served as an Instructor and as the Department of Joint Warfighting’s Director of Staff. Lt Col Pogue is an Air Force Space Operations Officer with previous experience in the Air Force Personnel career field. His space operations experience is in Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance and satellite command and control. Prior to his arrival at ACSC, he was the Director of Operations for National Reconnaissance Office’s Space Operations Squadron located in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He was commissioned in 2004 after receiving his B.A. in History from Berry College, and he subsequently earned a M.A. in Government/International Politics from Regent University in 2009. Lt Col Pogue is an ACSC in-residence graduate, where he earned a Master of Military Operational Art and Science in 2016.