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  • Tribute

    A farewell to Nedra Looney, the lead AU Press production specialist.

  • Foreword

    Forward to Air & Space Operations Review dedicated issue on the topic of toxic leadership.

  • Organizational Dynamics of Toxic Leading: Obstacles and Key Concepts

    The relationship between toxic leading and organizational culture is underdeveloped and poorly understood. An analysis of the literature reveals that an organization’s dimensions will affect the appearance, shape, and persistence of its experience with toxic leading.

  • Defining Toxic Leading for the Air Force

    An examination of current literature on toxic leading and organizational culture provides an opportunity to more clearly define toxic leadership for the US Air Force.

  • Organizational Toxicity: Inner Circles of Harmful Leadership

    A look into elements of toxic leadership and a closer investigation of toxic followers provide insights into the persistent staying power of toxic leaders. These studies highlight ways in which organizations can rid themselves of these abusive individuals and their willing entourages.

  • The ADOO Loop: A Decision-Breaking Cycle of Toxic Followership

    Employing an iterative pattern to avoid, deviate, obstruct, and observe (ADOO), toxic followers undermine leaders and defeat missions. Mitigating toxic followership can help leaders rebuild team dynamics, restore decision-making functionality, and galvanize the national security enterprise.

  • Book Reviews

    A collection of book reviews for the ASOR Winter 2023 issue.