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Tailwinds Podcast

  1. Tailwinds Episode 1

    In the first episode of Tailwinds, we visit with COL Walter Richter, US Army Attache in Berlin, Germany, about his fall 2021 Air and Space Power Journal article that proposes ways the United States can counter Russian influence through security assistance mechanisms. These include leveraging existing Allied and partner maintenance capabilities, working with existing US partnership efforts, and improving the FMS Total Package Approach.

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  • Dealing with Disinformation: Barriers to Success and a Path Forward
    James M. Davitch

    Working at the operational level, an “information fires team” will include military members skilled in global geopolitics, predictive analy­ses, metacognitive tools and theory, open-source information collection, and internal and exter­nal communication and messaging.

  • Taking the Brakes off Uniformed Scientists and Engineers
    Brian J. Fry

    Uniformed scientists and engineers are uniquely suited to link technical possibilities to operational realities; developing these capabilities will help them maximize their contributions to the Air Force.

  • Commercial SATCOM: A Risk Mitigation Strategy
    Jonathan K. Corrado

    The military’s dependency on commercial satellite communications technology raises concerns related to protection, control, reliability, interoperability, and access. A sound risk analysis provides solutions to mitigate potential vulnerabilities.


  • One Team, One Fight: Department of the Air and Space Forces
    Raj Agrawal and Aaron Brooks

    The Department of the Air Force should be renamed the Department of the Air and Space Forces, sig­naling a coequal status between leads for the air and space domains. Key structures under USSF and USAF should also be realigned to fall under the Secretary of the Air Force.

  • POWs in the Age of the Internet
    Jan Kallberg, Todd Arnold, Stephen Hamilton, and Mark Visger

    Deepfakes have challenged long-standing protocols concerning prisoners of war in the Geneva Conventions. The United States, its Allies, and partners must educate servicemembers about the potential exploitation of any recorded media obtained if they become prisoners of war.

  • Joint Targeting Enterprise and DOD Transformation
    Hugh H. Curry

    When the Joint Warfighting Concept and digital initiatives are viewed through the lens of the Joint targeting enterprise, it is clear Joint targeting is the best way to achieve the Department of Defense’s digital transformation.

  • Nuclear War Avoidance: Why It Is Time to Start Worrying, Again
    Louis René Beres

    In the face of growing strategic competition, complex existential issues of nuclear war avoidance remain front and center. This article examines the pertinent history of nuclear deterrence and the determinable risks of a future nuclear war.

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