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Submission Instructions

Published by The Air University, Air & Space Power Journal is the professional journal of the US Air Force and a leading forum for worldwide airpower dialogue. The English language version of the Journal (ASPJ–English) fosters intellectual and professional development for members of the Air Force and the world’s other English-speaking militaries.

Articles submitted to ASPJ must be unclassified, nonsensitive, and releasable to the public. ASPJ–English publishes original, thought-provoking, previously unpublished, peer-reviewed articles in three main categories: “Features,” “Views,” and the “Commentary.” Features represent fully researched, thoroughly documented, and peer-reviewed scholarly articles 5,000 to 6,000 words in length. Views articles are shorter than Features—3,000 to 5,000 words—typically expressing well-thought-out and developed opinions about airpower topics. The Commentary section offers a forum about current subjects of interest. These short posts are 1,500 to 2,500 words in length. Additional information is available in the “ASPJ Sample Article Guide”. Authors can submit unclassified articles to aspj@au.af.edu

Book Review Program

The English language version of Air & Space Power Journal (ASPJ–English) encourages its readers to submit for publication reviews of books of professional interest, especially those about airpower and national defense. ASPJ–English receives a number of such books from publishers, furnishing them free of charge to individuals who agree to complete a review in accordance with the Journal’s specifications.

For a list of titles, please see our catalog of books available for review. Contact us by e-mail at aspj@au.af.edu to let us know about your interest in the program and to request a book. We recommend that you specify at least two alternative titles in case your first choice is not available.


No later than 45 days after you receive the book, please e-mail the review to us (as a Microsoft Word file) at aspj@au.af.edu. If we accept the review, we will edit it in our house style and prepare it for publication on our website, a process that typically takes about two months. We may also include your work as a featured review on the ASPJ–English website.


Please assure that your review is an analytical examination of the book, not a mere summary. You should address such matters as the type/genre (e.g., biography, anthology, history, monograph, novel, etc.), the author’s main argument, the book’s level of authority/credibility, its strengths and weaknesses, its suitability for ASPJ–English’s audience, and your overall assessment of the work. Certainly, we encourage you to write with spirit, in a style that will inform and enlighten (and even entertain) our readers. If you paraphrase or quote directly from the book, locate those passages by following them with the page number(s) in parentheses—for example, (p. 72)—but do not include citations of other sources by means of footnotes or endnotes. Please limit your review to 1,000 words—the more concise, the better, but use as much space (within a 1,000-word limit) as you need to give the book a fair and honest review.

Although we insist on high-quality reviews, we do not print only laudatory ones. We have an obligation to inform our readers about books that stir high expectations but promise more than they deliver. If you’re not impressed with the book, say so, but if you challenge the book’s style, content, authority, objectivity, and so forth, back up your assertions with facts and examples.


In the heading of your review, please include the title, author, publisher, year of publication, and number of pages:

The Intelligence Wars: Lessons from Baghdad by Steven K. O’Hern. Prometheus Books, 2008, 292 pp.

Reviewer’s Byline

Following the text of the review, flush right, please include your name in boldface.

Lt Col Stephen C. Price Jr., USAF

For examples of published book reviews, please view the Online Book Reviews page.


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