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Air & Space Power Journal Archives

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Air University Review Archives

Air University Review Archives

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May 1947 thru March 1987

Chronicles Online Journal

Chronicles Online Journal - Archives 1995-2008

American Armed Forces’ Service Culture Impact on Close Air Support
Maj Rhett B. Lawing
Air Force BRAC Recommendations for Consolidating
C-130s: A BRAC Commission Perspective

Dr. Michael H. Flinn
My Father and I and Saburo Sakai
Col Francis R. Stevens, Jr., USA (Ret)
Campaign, Operation, and Battle Analysis  CAPT Randall G. Bowdish, USN  5/10/2006
Organizational Institutionalization of BRAC
Col Stephen R. Schwalbe, USAF
Getting Inside the Enemy's Head: The Case for Counteranalysis in Iraqi Counterinsurgency Operations  Maj Clifford M. Gyves, USAF  3/7/2006
Cost-Benefit Economics Enhancing National Security and Air and Space Power
Lt Col Michael R. Weeks, USAF
Building USAF 'Expeditionary Bases' for Operation ENDURING FREEDOM-AFGHANISTAN, 2001-2002
Dr. Forrest L. Marion 11/18/2005 
Iraq and After: Taking the Right Lessons for Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction
Mike Eisenstadt
The Miracle of Operation Iraqi Freedom Airspace Management
Alexander M. Wathen
Near-Term Manned Space Logistics Operations
James Michael Snead
False Gospel for Airpower Strategy? A Fresh Look at Giulio Douhet's "Command of the Air"
Michael D. Pixley
Operation DESERT FOX: Effectiveness With Unintended Effects
Dr. Mark Conversino
Planning for Legitimacy: A Joint Operational Approach to Public Affairs
Tadd Sholtis, Maj, USAF
A New Perspective for the Military: Looking at Maps Within Centralized Command and Control Systems
Craig S. Miller, Capt, USAF
Democracy in Iraq
Stephen R. Schwalbe, Col, USAF
U.S. Superiority In Space-Considering Propulsion And Power
Graham W. "Gray" Rinehart, Lt Col, USAF
U.S. Superiority In Space-Considering Propulsion And Power
 Paul D. Berg, Lt Col, USAF  1/19/2005
Experience, Paradigms, and Generalship in Rolling Thunder: Implications for Today
Stephen R. Schwalbe, Col, USAF
Space Warfare Foolosophy: Should the United States be the First Country to Weaponize Space?
Ioannis Koskinas, Maj, USAF 
Information Assurance: Structure From the Fog, A Dynamic Information Defense Solution in a Dynamic World
Antoine C. McNeal, 1Lt, USAF
Using Assessment to Achieve Predictive Battlespace Awareness
Michael J. Masterson, Lt Col, USAF
Airlifts in Time
Justin Giovannettone, 1Lt, USAF
Effective Engagement in the Public Opinion Arena: 
A Leadership Imperative in the Information Age

Morris D. Davis, Col, USAF
A Statistical Analysis of the House of Representatives Vote on Base Closures
Stephen R. Schwalbe, Col, USAF
Mission to Dong Ha - Mission to Al Hammar©
Darrel D. Whitcomb, Col, USAFR, Retired
Leading in the Third Dimension
Sharon M. Latour, Lt Col, USAF
One Challenge of Force Development: Developmental Education and PME
Jon A. Kimminau, Col, USAF
A Concept of Operations and Technology Implications for Operationally Responsive Space
Kendall K. Brown, Maj, USAFR
Deconstructing the Tower of Babel: Air Force 
Foreign Language Posture for Global Engagement

John L. Conway III
Critical Thinking For The Military Professional
W. Michael Guillot, Col, USAF
Destroying Terrorist Cells
Jason Belcher, Capt, USAF
Gambling with History: The Making of a Democratic Iraq
Jodi Vittori, Capt, USAF
Dr Brent J. Talbot
Applying U.S. Power in the Absence of Global Equilibrium
Dr Samuel Grier
 Mr James Rapkoch
Red Flag for Joint Campaigns
Matthew B. Caffrey, Jr., Col, USAFR
Uninhabited Air Vehicles for Psychological Operations-Leveraging Technology for PSYOP Beyond 2010
Douglas W. Jaquish, Maj, USAF
Standing in the Strategic Bandwidth Gap: A View of Military Communications in 2012
David G. Ehrhard, Maj, USAF
Schweinfurt - The Battle Within the Battle for the U.S. 8th Air Force
David Reichert, Capt, USAF
Jets and Nets: The Emergence of the Virtual Airman  (Spanish Version)
David A. Umphress, Lt Col, USAFR
The Cultural Identity of the United States Air Force
William C. Thomas, Maj, USAF
The Relevance of Carl Von Clausewitz in Operation Iraqi Freedom
Anthony F. Sidoti, Capt, USAF
Uniform Pride: Lost or Found?
1st Lt Fred A. Kimler, III, USAF 
The Problematic Nexus: Where Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles  and the Law of Armed Conflict Meet
John J. Klein, LCDR USN
Al Qaeda's Global Insurgency: Airpower in the Battle of Legitimacy
Capt Matthew W. Lacy, USAF
An Expose on Base Realignment and Closure Commissions
Stephen R. Schwalbe
Stealth, Precision, and the Making of American Foreign Policy
Maj Raymond O'Mara, USAF
Leading = Influencing a Simple Equation
Lt Col Russell C. Barnes, USAF
The Master Sergeant Watershed: 
A Practical Guide for Supervisors of the Enlisted Corps' Critical Stripe

Capt Raymond M. Powell, USAF
Rising Airpower: The People's Liberation Army Air Force in the Early 21st Century
2nd Lt Morgan J. O'Brien, III, USAF
Allied Airpower Comes of Age: The Roles and Contributions of Air Power to the Italian Campaign
Maj Robert A. Renner, USAF
Logistics and Patton's Third Army Lessons for Today's Logisticians
Maj Jeffrey W. Decker, USAF
Mentoring Makes a Difference
Lt Col Penny H. Bailey, USAF  1/24/2003
The Current Officer Evaluation and Promotion System
Bradley A. Wayland
Air National Guard Mobilization and Deployment
SMS, Robert Gray, ANG
Global Strike Force
Lt Col Wonzie Gardner and Capt Eric R. Nelson, USAF
Recasting the Viability of a Small Ally's Airpower:
South Korea in Focus

Lt Gen So Chin Tae, PhD, ROKAF, Retired
Satellite Command and Control
Training for the 21st Century

Maj Steven F. Gottschalk, USAF
Capt M. Lane Gilchrist, Jr., USAF
Back to the Future: Does History Support the Expeditionary Air Force Concept?
Maj Curt A. Van De Walle, USAF
The Nuclearization of Iran: America's Responses
1st Lt John N. Hanna
Kosovo: "The Limits of Air Power II"
Col Anthony L. Hinen, USAF
Ethical Decision-Making: The Link Between Ambiguity and Accountability
Ronald J. Scott, Jr.
Examining the Reconstruction of Egyptian Morale During the Aftermath of the 1967 Six Day War: An Arab Perspective
LT Youssef H. Aboul-Enein, USN
The Revolution in Military Affairs and Directed Energy Weapons
Matthew Mowthorpe
Planning to Win: A Study in Strategy and Operational Art
Lt Col John P. Hunerwadel, USAF
Joint Laser Interoperability Tomorrow's Answer to Precision Engagement
Lt Col David Neuenswander, USAF
The Dozier Kidnapping: Confronting the Red Brigades
Col Thomas D. Phillips, USAF, Retired
The Korean Security Dilemma:  Shifting Strategies Offer a Way Out
Maj Timothy S. Reed, USAF
Network-Centric Special Operations-Exploring New Operational Paradigms
Capt Greg Gagnon, USAF
Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program Process Analysis
Maj Thomas L. Rempfer, USAFR
Maj Russell E. Dingle, USAFR
A CGO Look at the Commander in Chief
1st Lt Tracey Richardson, USAF
Building a Battlespace Wide Web
Lt Col Robert A. Colella, USAF
Shock-Based Operations: New Wine in an Old Jar
Lt Col John N.T. Shanahan, USAF
The Aviatrix in Military Aviation
2Lt Katrine M. Waterman, USAF
The Essence of Coercive Air Power: A Primer for Military Strategists
Dr Karl Mueller  10/9/2001
Close Call for Close Air Support?
Anil R. Pustam
To UAV or Not To UAV: That is the Question; Here is One Answer
Capt Patrick Eberle, USAF
Maturing Aerospace Power
Maj Gen Charles D. Link, USAF (Ret)
Global Operational Environmental Review (GOER) Process
Micheal Applegate
Flesh and Blood: The Call for the Pilot in the Cockpit
Lt Jeff Mustin, USAF
Chaos, Complexity and Conflict
Maj Michael R. Weeks, USAF
The Future of Tactical Nuclear Weapons
William Conrad
Decision Superiority  Capt Tom Coakley, USAF
Chemical Weapons Convention
Peter Mager
"Cognac With Douhet Maj M.V. "Coyote" Smith, USAF
Bombing Dual-Use Targets: Legal, Ethical, and Doctrinal Perspectives
Kenneth R. Rizer
The Big Concept Safari: Another Look at Strategic Bombing and the RMA
Maj Angela Maria Lungu, USA
Time-Sensitive Targeting Model
Maj William B. Danskine, USAF
Getting to the Fight: Aerospace Forces and Anti-access Strategies
Gene Myers  3/27/2001
Legal Implication of the Uninhabited Combat Aerial Vehicle
 Lt Col Anthony J. Lazarski, USAF 
Shades of Sentinel? National Missile Defense, Then and Now Lt Col Charles E. Costanzo, USAF
The United States Approach to Military Space During the Cold War
Matthew J. Mowthorpe
The Impact of New Technologies in the Military Arena: Information Warfare
Capts Paulo Fernando Viegas Nunes
Expeditionary Air Force Leaders: Cognitive Skills for the Naturalistic Battlespace
Capts Troy Thomas, Sam Grable, & Jim Stratton, USAF
Organizing for Success: Theater Missile Defense in Korea
Col Dale C. Eikmeier
A Sea of Peace or a Theater of War: Dealing with the Inevitable Conflict in Space
Lt Col John E. Hyten
Five Myths About the Term "Aerospace"
Maj Shawn P. Rife
Khobar Towers' Aftermath: The Development of Force Protection
Maj Thomas W. Murrey, Jr., USAF
Operation Allied Force: The View from Beijing James Perry
A Decision for Strategic Effects: A conceptual approach to effects based targeting Maj Thomas Tighe, Lt Col Raymond Hill,
Lt Col Greg McIntyre, USAF
Command of Theater Air Mobility Forces During the Air War Over Serbia: A New Standard or A New Data Point? Lt Col D. Richard Simpson 10/11/2000
Transforming Warfare with Effects-Based Joint Operations Lt Col Price T. Bingham 10/10/2000
From Stalingrad to Khe Sanh: Factors in the Successful Use of Tactical Airlift to Support Isolated Land Battle Areas Dr. David K. Vaughan and Major James H. Donoho, USAF 10/2000
Total Mobility Flow: A Post-Kosovo Role for the DIRMOBFOR Nonie C. Cabana 9/20/2000
The Information-Based RMA and the Principles of War Maj Leonard G. Litton, USAF 9/6/2000
Tomorrow's "Cyber Warriors" Maj Hugh S. Vest, USAF 9/12/2000
Planetary Defense: Eliminating the Giggle Factor Lt Col Martin E. B. France, USAF 8/7/2000
Thucydides and PME: History's Role in Intermediate and Senior Service School William C. Rynecki 8/4/2000
Back to the Future: Space Power Theory and A.T. Mahan Lt Col Martin E. B. France, USAF 8/4/2000
Information Operations: An Act of War Maj David J. DiCenso, USAF, Reserves 7/31/2000
Expanding the Envelope - Stealth and Other Strike Roles Carlo Kopp 7/26/2000
Theater Airlift Lessons from Kosovo Lt Col Rowayne A. Schatz, USAF 7/10/2000
The Role of the Israel Air Force in the Operational Doctrine of the Israel Defense Forces: Continuity and Change David Rodman 6/29/2000
Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles Lt David Bookstaber, USAF
Vision and Strategy For Defending Information Lt Col John D. Wright, USAF 6/19/2000
Air Force and NASA Activities to Address the Threat of Asteroid/Comet-Earth Impacts Lt Col Rex Kiziah, USAF 5/2/2000
Systematizing Effect Based Air Operations Maj K. Noedskov, Royal Danish Air Force 5/24/2000
Toward a History Based Doctrine for Wargaming Matthew Caffrey 4/27/2000
Cyber Attack Response: The Military in a Support Role Col (S) Nonie C. Cabana, USAF 4/4/2000
Space Support for the Composite Aerospace Strike Force Maj Mark Avery, USAF 3/20/2000
Warden Vs Pape Maj Christopher Bence, USAF 2/28/2000
Twentieth Air Force - From B-29s to ICBMs: A Proud Past ... A Bright Future Maj General Tom Neary 2/7/2000
Coup d'oeil: The Commander's Intuition in Clausewitzian Terms Maj Dominic J. Caraccilo and Major John L. Pothin 2/16/2000
On the Cusp of the Unmanned Airpower Revolution Lt David Bookstaber, USAF 2/15/2000
Challenges for the United States in a Sino-American 21st Century LCDR Jeffery B. Goldman, USNR 2/15/2000
Ends Versus Means: The 6th Special Operations Squadron and the Icarus Syndrome
Lt Col Wray R. Johnson, USAF
Bombing in the Service of Peace: SARAJEVO AND GORAZDE, SPRING, 1994
Maj Roy Thomas, Canadian Army (Retired)
Why We Need a National Joint Targeting Center
Col Mark C. Christian and Maj James E. Dillard
Fighting Deep with Joint Fires
LTC David C. Sims and MAJ Roy Sevalia, USA
The USAF-A Corporation or a Military Service? CMSGT (Ret) Stephen Funk 12/1/1999
Developing an Air Campaign Strategy Maj Russell J. Smith 11/23/1999
Gliders-Rethinking the Utility of these Silent Wings for the Next Millennium Steven A. Torrisi 11/17/1999
Combat Assessment: Analyzing the Results of an Air Campaign Maj Mark G. Sopko 11/15/1999
System Control Points Lt Col Patrick Grieco 11/3/1999
What is Information Warfare? Col Andrew Borden  11/2/1999
The Defense Matrix Lt Col Patrick Grieco 11/2/1999
The Origins of the Posse Comitatus Bonnie Baker 11/1/1999
Look Who's Turning 40 SICOFAA Maj Juan M. Maurtua
Airpower Against Chaos Maj Shannon Sullivan 10/20/1999
The Impact of Using Civilian Management Techniques in the Military David B. Kent 10/15/1999
Regional Planning Program Lt Col Patrick Grieco 10/13/1999
Why ROTC? The Debate over Collegiate Military Training, 1969-1973 Dr. Arthur T. Coumbe  9/30/1999
The First Essential of Airpower: The Case for Air Force Laboratories Maj Daniel E. Bullock 9/29/1999
Employment of the Agile Logistician Maj Nancy A.P. Stinson, Capt Malcolm E. Blair and Capt Alex E. Dubovik, 9/27/1999
The Use and Abuse of Technology: In Insurgent Warfare Raymond F. Hain 8/13/1999
Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace-An Airman's Introduction Lt Col Mark T. Satterly, Lt Col Kevin D. Stubbs, USAFR, Maj Geryl D. Gilbert, USAFR, Ms Cathy L. Iler, GS-13, DAF, and Capt Kevin B. Glenn, 7/26/1999
The Wilsonian Model of Foreign Policy & the Post-Cold War World Maj Kevin J. Cole 7/26/1999
OPTEMP FORECASTING: For Air Mobility and Defense Transportation Operations Maj Randy Kee and Maj John Sullivan 7/13/1999
Bombing Yugoslavia-Should There Be Standing Criteria for Committing US Forces To Conflict Resolution Abroad in a Hostile or Potentially Hostile Situation? Maj Randy Kee 7/12/1999
Brig Gen Billy Mitchell's: Continuing Legacy to USAF Doctrine Maj Randy Kee 7/8/1999
Press, Pools, Prior Restraint and the Persian Gulf War Capt Jon Mordan 6/6/1999
The Counterrevolution in Military Affairs Maj Thomas R. McCabe, USAFR 5/11/1999
The Implications of Virtual Deception Lt York Pasanen 4/15/1999
The Wrong Question Lt Col Skip Liepman 4/7/1999
The Advanced Tactical Fighter, The Joint Strike Fighter and Information Warfare: Opportunities and Challenges to American Air Dominance in the 21st Century Capt Gilberto Rosario 3/22/1999
Measuring A Nation's Vital Interest: Establishing Benchmarks to Gauge the Level of Crisis Importance Maj Dominic J. Caraccilo 3/17/1999
Physical Attack Information Operations in Bosnia: Counterinformation in a Peace Enforcement Environment Maj Arthur N. Tulak, USA, 3/15/1999
Defining Air and Space Power Maj Carl Baner 3/11/1999
Information Assurance-the Achilles' Heel of Joint Vision 2010? Maj Brad Ashley, USAF; CDR Sam Cox, USN; MAJ Ron Stimeare, USA, and MAJ Tim Dean, USA 
Dominance on the High Seas of Space
Lt Col Richard Earl Hansen
Desert Storm 2010
Bob Baker 2/28/1999
Reply to: The Next Force
Capt Peter Garretson
UAVs Maj William Bierbaum
Germany's Constitutional Court and Future German Combat Operations Outside of Europe Karl-Heinz Börner
Strategic Airlift Inefficiencies from Desert Shield/Storm to Vigilant Warrior Capt Phil Bossert
Viewing Rapid Global Mobility as a Revolution in Military Affairs Maj Phil Bossert and Col David F. Todd
Implementing An Integrated Product Data Environment: A Strategic Plan Gail Brown
The Next Force Col Victor P. Budura
The United States-Cuba Relationship A Time for Change? Christopher J. Capio and Col Ralph J. Capio
The Inspector General: An Air Force Enabler C. Shane Clark
Information Assurance--the Achilles' Heel of Joint Vision 2010? CDR Sam Cox, USN; MAJ Ron Stimeare, USA; MAJ Tim Dean, USA and Maj Brad Ashley, USAF
Information Warfare: New Roles for Information Systems in Military Operations Capt George A. Crawford
Empathy: The Key to Information Operations George Crawford
Rediscovering Air Superiority: Vietnam, the F-X, and the Fighter Mafia Jim Cunningham
CASEY-01-- Leading the Airborne Information Technology Revolution to Enhance Airpower Michael E. Dehart
LeMay and Harris the "Objective" Exemplified Paul Delleman
Command and Control (C2)--The Truth Lt Col Byron Dodgen
An Intelligent Approach to Theater Ballistic Missile Attack Operations Lt Col Rocky Farry and Maj Bill Treu
The JFACC Team Lt Col John M.Fawcett Jr.,
Are Military Professionals Bound by a 'Higher' Moral Standard? (Spanish Version) J. Carl Ficarrotta
The Environment and Military Strategy Richard W. Fisher
Air Expeditionary Force--Ground Attack: Direct Air Attack Against Conventional Forces Capt Robert P. Givens
The Role of SOF Across the Range of Military Operations Maj Aryea Gottlieb
The Critical Incident Reporting System Maj Mark Holden
Security of the Korean Peninsula: U.S. Continuing Commitment Maj Richard S. Jackson
Reply to: Ten Propositions Regarding Airpower Capt Paul Johnston
Laser Remote Sensing - A New Tool for Air Warfare Carlo Kopp
The Electromagnetic Bomb - a Weapon of Electrical Mass Destruction Carlo Kopp
Air Force Theater Missile Defense-Advantages and Challenges Maj Stewart Kowall
"Legal and Practical Constraints on Information Warfare" Maj Karl Kuschner
Name That Doctrine! Capt David Landfair
Halting the Advance: The Synergistic Effects of Heavy Bombers and Carrier Air Michael McGauvran
Ten Propositions Regarding Airpower Col Phillip S. Meilinger
Coalition Interoperability: An International Adventure Maj Dean S. Mills
The Space and Air Force: One Pathway to the Future John W. Moyle
Wood, Fabric, and Wire: Insights from the Biplane Era, 1919-1936 Maj Michael J. Petersen
Contributions of the Global Positioning System to Air Force Competencies Dr Aron Pinker and Lt Col G.Tovrea
The Essentials of Leadership Lt Col Saundra Reinke
Airpower's Role in Maritime Operations Capt Larry Ridolfi and Maj Roy Walker
Theory of Knowledge, and War: First Steps Toward A Unified Theory Capt Graham W. Rinehart
Influencing Global Situations Dr Julie A. Rosen and Wayne L. Smith
Getting it Right with the CV-22 Maj Scott A. Schaeffler
Fighting Deep with Joint Fires MAJ Roy Sevalia and LTC David C. Sims, USA
The Influence of Space Power Upon History (1944-1998) Captain John Shaw
Influencing Global Situations Wayne L. Smith and Dr Julie A. Rosen
Strategic Knowledge: Preventing the Bombing of the Bridge to the 21st Century C. L. Staten
Viewing Rapid Global Mobility as a Revolution in Military Affairs Col David F. Todd and Maj Phil Bossert
Contributions of the Global Positioning System to Air Force Competencies Lt Col G. Tovrea and Dr Aron Pinker, ANSER
An Intelligent Approach to Theater Ballistic Missile Attack Operations Maj BillTreu and Lt Col Rocky Farry
Reply to: Are Military Professionals Bound by a Higher Moral Standard? (Spanish Version) Maj Michael P. Vriesenga
Thinking about Core Values Maj Michael P. Vriesenga
Airpower's Role in Maritime Operations Maj RoyWalker and Capt Larry Ridolfi
Doctrine, Technology, and War Barry D. Watts
Bridging the Gulf Between Theater and Strategic Air Mobility Maj Randy A. Kee
The Low-Tech Side of Information Warfare Capt Alex Berger
Real-Time Mission Tasking: Keeping The Tenents of Air and Space Power Relevant in the 21st Century Maj John E. Brence
Core Competencies: Maintaining Service Identity Lt Col Johnny Jones
Air Power Lt Col Johnny Jones
The Objective is Influence, not Presence, or Its Influence (not Presence) Stupid! Maj Budd Jones
A Response to ADM Boorda's Remarks Regarding US Navy Unwillingness to Sacrifice Functions to Attain Efficiency Col Robert M. Johnston
The US Armed Serhttp:vices' Repertory Company Col Robert M. Johnston
Cohesive Air Defense Lt Col Michael Kirtland
True Jointness! Lt Col Michael Kirtland
Information Warfare: Same Wine, Different Bottle? Lt Kurt Konopatzke
Diving In Headfirst: The Air Force and Information Warfare Maj M.J. Petersen
Indivisible Global Reach-Global Power Maj M.J. Petersen
Dodging the Silver Bullet Maj Robert Richardson
The Fitness Factor Gordon R. Strong
Joint Operations Lt Col Hunter Vardaman
The Importance of Airpower Education in a Changing World Lt Col Hunter Vardaman
The "Right Stuff" Equals the "Right Role" Lt Col Hunter Vardaman
Let's Air Force-cize TQM: George Patton on Quality Lt Col George Varn
American Airpower Biography: A Survey of the Field Col Phillip S. Meilinger, USAF

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