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Volume 4, Nº 3, 3rd Edition 2022

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VOLUME 4, Nº 1, 1st EDITION 2022
United-Allied. This is the motto of the System of Cooperation Among the American Air Forces, or SICOFAA. The organization is a collection of more than 20 air forces from across the Western Hemisphere who work together to combat natural disasters and humanitarian aid crises throughout the region. Throughout the year, representatives from each nation meet at various locations in the hemisphere to map out interoperability agreements, update doctrine and propose future plans.
In his article, "Colombia as a Case Study for U.S. Foreign Policy", Maj Dan Sickles, USAF, proposes that the US should designate Colombia as a "Major non-NATO Ally" (MNNA), a status that only 17 other countries have worldwide—a major shift in US Policy for Colombia. On 10 Mar 2022, President Biden announced that he will do just that.
Huntingdon College - 4 April 2018