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  • Letter from the Editor

    Letter introducing Æther: A Journal of Strategic Airpower & Spacepower, Volume 2, Number 3, Fall 2023

  • Foreword

    The USAF has only recently begun to address moral injury from an institutional standpoint. This special issue can be a starting point for discussions about moral injury in the squadron, among peers, and within families.

  • A Conversation about Moral Injury

    Retired US Air Force colonels Dave Lewis and Dr. Paul Nelson discuss moral injury from the perspectives of their active duty experiences and their current work with veterans.

  • Clear the Beds

    Chief Master Sergeant David Nordel, USAF, Retired, shares his moral injury experience in Iraq as an RN and offers recommendations for healing and resiliency.

  • Living with Killing: WWII US Bomber Crews

    An analysis of Dave Grossman’s five factors of the likelihood of killing finds World War II bomber crews experienced significant psychological trauma, including moral injury.

  • Marooning Moral Injury: An Ethical Inquiry

    The negative implications of multidisciplinary research reveals that moral injury holds no enduring value as a clinical diagnosis. Yet interdisciplinary research could explore communal healing rituals to engage the broader community in moral healing from war.