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  • Living with Killing: WWII US Bomber Crews

    An analysis of Dave Grossman’s five factors of the likelihood of killing finds World War II bomber crews experienced significant psychological trauma, including moral injury.

  • Marooning Moral Injury: An Ethical Inquiry

    The negative implications of multidisciplinary research reveals that moral injury holds no enduring value as a clinical diagnosis. Yet interdisciplinary research could explore communal healing rituals to engage the broader community in moral healing from war.

  • Moral Injury and Suicide Risk

    The interpersonal theory of suicide can assist the military as it develops mechanisms to address the effect of moral injury on suicidal ideation among the active duty and veteran populations.

  • A Case for an Independent Cyber Force

    Applying a test using the DOTMLPF-P analysis framework to the question of the necessity of a separate cyber service component reveals DoD cyber operations do not maximize the United States’ ability to fight a cyber war.

  • Violence, Culture, and a Path to Peace

    To address contemporary tribal and religious wars, the US and its allies should employ indigenous forces, Special Operations Forces, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance tools, in a carefully calibrated manner.