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  • Introduction

    Introduction to Æther Vol. 1, No. 1 by Lieutenant General James B. Hecker, Commander and President, Air University 

  • Ready to Meet the Moment

    Preparing the Air Force to accelerate change is solidly rooted in the service’s noteworthy history. The next few chapters in the Air Force story will be as challenging as anything we’ve ever done. But change ensures the service remains ready, as always, to meet the moment.

  • A New Kind of War

    Information warfare is not new; what has changed are the tactics our adversaries are using to conduct these operations at scale. We must empower our Airmen and Guardians to recognize and actively combat this threat.

  • 75 Years of Mobility Operations: Evolving for the Next 75

    Tomorrow’s challenges to US national security require an agile US Transportation Command, flexible, fully integrated, and responsive enough to meet the volume and tempo of warfighers’ demands. A renewed emphasis on maneuver will evolve how the concept is applied across domains.

  • After Defeat: A Time to Rebuild

    We lost people, aircraft, a campaign, and prestige, but we did not lose forever. After suffering tremendous moral and physical attrition, it is time to rebuild. We cannot waste this crisis. We must implement the necessary changes to be victorious, next time.

  • Joint Taskforce Quartz: Through an Airpower Lens

    Joint Task Force Quartz provides lessons learned as the Air Force develops new operational concepts. In short, the command relationships must be built upon centralized command, distributed control, and decentralized execution all under the art of mission command.

  • A New Battle Command Architecture for Joint All-Domain Operations

    The Air Force must rapidly evolve beyond centralized combined air operations centers. This new architecture must adapt to ABMS and JADC2 developments, but given their slow evolution, the service must begin changing the architecture for command and control of aerospace forces now.