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Latest Æther Podcast

Æther Podcast

  1. Aether: The Podcast Episode 2, Dr. Anna Batta & Dr. Ginta Palubinskas

    On September 29, 2022, we visited with Dr. Anna Batta of Air War College and Dr. Ginta Palubinskas of West Virginia State University and author of "NATO at 70: Peace in a Changing Security Environment," in our Summer 2022 issue, about Russia's war against Ukraine, the mood in Hungary and Lithuania this summer, and implications for NATO, Europe, and the world.
  2. Aether: The Podcast - Episode 1

    The first Episode of Æther: The Podcast features Dr. Chris Cain, the first editor of Strategic Studies Quarterly, discussing the inaugural issue of Æther: A Journal of Strategic Airpower & Spacepower.

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The journal encourages thoughtful debate in the form of scholarly feedback to our articles. For publication consideration, reviews/commentaries on our articles must range between 1,000 and 2,000 words, be appropriately footnoted (narrative footnotes are not permitted), and upon acceptance, will be sent to the article author for an opportunity to respond to the critique. Once finalized, the resulting review and reply will be featured in an upcoming journal issue.


International Space Strategy

Space Operations

  • Holding the High Ground: Operational Considerations for the Earth-Moon System
    Adam P. Wilmer and Robert A. Bettinger

    Space operations can no longer be confined to that found in geosynchronous orbit. A new Earth-Moon System taxonomy can better classify and develop SDA missions, which will also prove useful as space law expands into orbit patentability and orbit property rights.

  • Mitigating Noncooperative RPOs in Geosynchronous Orbit
    Kaitlyn Johnson, Thomas G. Roberts, and Brian Weeden

    RPOs with another nation’s satellite could exacerbate geopolitical tensions or lead to unwanted escalation. The United States needs a new taxonomy for categorizing RPOs and should focus on four specific policy options for dealing with them.

  • In-Space Sustainment: An International, Civilian-Led Logistics Architecture
    Alexander Jehle and Alexander Genzel

    A reliable network of in-space logistics assets is an enabler for the mobility of all spacecraft—not just military spacecraft. An international civil and military partnership could create shared standards, interfaces, and interoperability procedures to achieve strategic modularity.

  • Lawn Dart Network Utilization on the Moon
    Liberty Shockley

    The Lawn Dart program provides critical security for lunar assets, protecting mission data against adversaries and laying the groundwork for NASA and European Space Agency exploration mission success.

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