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These courses are designed to provide foundational and fundamental leadership skills for civilian personnel being developed or considered for present or future leadership and supervisory assignments. Students will learn and develop skills, and understand how to leverage other professionals and knowledge sources. They will apply knowledge of the assigned objectives to their work using categories of the DAF Institutional Competency Listing and the OPM Manager & Supervisory Framework. The education focuses on building leadership, communication, problem-solving, and project management skills while introducing OPM competencies for further development.

Note: When combined with the Performance Management Coaching portfolio, these courses provide a solid foundation of supervisory skills and civilian personnel management fundamentals. Recommended they be part of the deliberate development of all pre-leaders/supervisors.

Length: 76 Contact Hours

This on-line course is designed to enable civilian personnel to acquire the competencies needed to transition into team leaders. Students graduating will comprehend the core team leader skills and competencies required for future responsibilities, including strategic direction, problem solving, leadership communication, conflict management and team leader principles. Students will be assessed as to their understanding of the stated learning objectives using practical exercises, reflection papers, discussion board posts, self-assessments, traditional assessments, and completion of a capstone project. This elective course targets Department of the Air Force civilian employees. Enrollment for FY2021 was selective and managed through the annual Civilian Developmental Education process. However, beginning in FY2022 the course will be transitioning to a different method which will be announced later in the summer of 2021. The course satisfies the requirement for systematic development of emerging leaders to become supervisors as prescribed in 5 CFR, Section 412.202.

Length: 32 Contact Hours

This blended learning course develops interpersonal communication and leadership skills for Department of the Air Force civilians considering future supervisory and leadership roles. The course provides a core foundation upon which leadership skills may be further developed as an individual’s responsibilities increase. The curriculum focuses on basic leadership theory, creating a culture of respect, oral and written communications and strategies for continuous improvement, conflict management, and problem solving. The course satisfies the requirement for systematic development of emerging leaders to become supervisors as prescribed in 5 CFR, Section 412.202. 

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