Airman Leadership School Distance Learning Program

The Global College of PME's Airman Leadership School Distance Learning (ALS DL) curriculum is designed to produce a more effective supervisor and leader by strengthening the ability to lead, follow, and manage in complex and ambiguous environments at the squadron, group, and wing level.

EPME Consolidated Course Guide - This is a step-by-step instruction for EPME.

Airman Leadership School Distance Learning Curriculum Flow

ALS Distance Learning Curriculum Flow


The eligibility criteria for the GCPME ALS DL program are found in Air Force Instruction (AFI) 36-2670, Total Force Development​.

Only Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard personnel in the grade of Senior Airman (E-4) are eligible to enroll in the ALS DL program per policy provided by their respective headquarters.


To enroll, download and follow our step-by-step instructions by clicking here.  A CAC card is required to complete the enrollment process.  Please read through the guide completely and follow all the steps to fully onboard into the program. There are additional tips provided in the last few slides to help you have a better PME experience.

The ALS DL program consists of approximately sixty (60) contact hours. The program focuses on leadership skills required of first-line supervisors and reporting officials throughout the Air Force. ALS DL enhances the development of senior airmen by strengthening their knowledge about leadership, followership, and management while broadening their understanding of the missions and cultures of the Air Force. It does so with a focus on leadership at the wing-level, leading people, strategies for problem solving, and cultural foundations.

The ALS DL program includes a mix of self-paced courses and a collaborative capstone course. The program is designed to provide professional development to enlisted military members at a specific and critical point in their career. The program provides students with peer-to-peer interaction and collaboration opportunities. Self-paced courses can be taken in any order, but must all be completed prior to enrolling in the collaborative capstone course. 


Enlisted Student Handbook

Enlisted Student Handbook

The ALS DL program produces graduates who are able to...

1. Understand how to communicate, collaborate, and lead members of the Air and Space Force team across the Department of Defense.

2. Understand cognitive strategies to solve Air Force problems.

3. Understand ways to exhibit the Air Force Core Values and instill them in others.

4. Understand how to communicate their contributions to wing and Air and Space Force missions.

Course Descriptions: 

For course descriptions and requirements, see the current Air University Catalog.

Course Requirements:

Students must complete the orientation course, all self-paced courses, and the capstone applied course with passing scores to graduate and receive program credit. The self-paced courses contain end of course exams that require a score of 70% or higher to advance. The applied course requires the submission of all deliverables and an overall course grade of 70% or higher to complete the program.

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