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All eSchool programs: SOS, ACSC, AWC and the Online Master's Program (OLMP) have migrated to the ASU Learning Environment.  

To see a video walkthrough of the ACSC DL 7.0 ASU portal experience use the following link: 
  -This video is intended for ACSC 7.0 students.  However, the ASU portals for all eSchool programs will be similar.  The video has three parts:
    1) Registration and Course progression, 2) ACSC Program overview, and 3) Nice to know information about the ASU portal.


Please click here for details on the ACSC DL 7.0 transition to ASU.

Please click here for details on the OLMP transition to ASU.

Please click here for details on the AWC DL transition to ASU.

eSCHOOL-ASU Canvas Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening and why?

The eSchool of Graduate Professional Military Education was stood up on October 1, 2015 to transform, integrate, and replace one-size-fits-all online Officer Professional Military Education (OPME) programs previously spread across SOS, ACSC and AWC with dynamic, modularized education providing student choice. Online education transformation for 28,000 enrolled OPME students across four programs is directly dependent upon robust, reliable and flexible information and education technology. Arizona State University (ASU) has an agile, adaptive learning environment and renowned online learning expertise and can share those attributes through its partnership with the eSchool.

What does this mean for me?

For now, there is nothing to worry about! As the transition gets closer expect more information on how to establish an online account with ASU so you will be able to login to the ASU/AU Canvas learning environment. All your existing student records will be saved and migrated over to the ASU-hosted system.

So I won’t have to start over?

Nope! All your progress thus far in our program will be saved. You will be able to finish any course you are currently enrolled in during the transition period within the Air University Canvas system. After the rollover is complete you will pick up right where you left off in the new ASU/AU Canvas!

Why ASU?

ASU has a proven track record of global delivery of online education at a scale and complexity similar to eSchool. They have been ranked #1 “Most Innovative School” in Nation 5 years in a row by academic leaders at peer universities. ASU also has an established university business line providing IT/ET services to other institutions with major IT investment in their digital infrastructure. This will enhance the learning experience for AU’s 28,000 enrolled (13,000 active monthly) online OPME students and drive broader online innovation across AU.

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