Canvas Migration

The eSchool is migrating the SOS DL (PDE) program from Blackboard to Canvas on 7 August 2019. To ensure you are ready for the transfer, we need you to accomplish the following steps (these are also listed on your Blackboard home page):

Prior to 7 August, we need you to:

Read our detailed instructions: Click here for the detailed description of each of the steps below and the list of FAQs about the transition.

  1. Load DoD Certificates on your computer (if not already done): Blackboard is a commercially hosted website, Canvas is on a DoD hosted website requiring certificates to display and function correctly. For detailed instructions on how to load certificates on non-NIPRNET computers please click here.
    Note: We strongly recommend using a non-NIPRNET PC computer with the Chrome browser to access Canvas. Other systems will work, but the likelihood of encountering problems increases.

  2. Reset your Canvas Password: Go the the Canvas login page enter the email you have listed in the AU Portal and Click “Forgot Password”. You will be sent an email to reset your password.

  3. Accomplish the Canvas 100 Familiarization course (~30 minutes)

  4. Backup your Blackboard coursework: Any coursework you accomplished in the Blackboard LMS (papers, carry-forward assignments, etc.) will need to be saved to your local computer.  You will NOT have access to these assignments once Blackboard is deactivated in March 2020.

Reminder: Blackboard-based courses started prior to 7 August 2019 will continue in Blackboard until the course is complete. Any courses started on or after 7 August 2019 will be conducted in Canvas. 

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