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In 2018, the Chief of Staff tasked Air University to create course content options for wings to execute a mission-specific Flight Commander Leadership Course (FCLC) which would formally highlight the roles and responsibilities of command as defined in Air Force Instruction 1-2, Commander’s Responsibilities (CSAF Memo, 1 Jun 18). The Flight Commander’s Edge (FCE) was launched in November 2018 by The Air University Global College of Graduate Professional Military Education (GCPME or, simply, Global College) to support this development effort.

FCE provides a variety of tools and products which support local flight-level leadership course development. The use of FCE-provided content is not required; however, wings (and other units) have found it useful for quickly deploying local courses. 

The Flight Commander Leadership Course is a Wing Commander’s program. The Global College does not set nor mandate policy or guidance regarding the implementation or execution of these courses. Each unit should determine how it will implement its own course. While there is no length requirement for the course, the Global College recommended curriculum is designed for delivery over a minimum of two days. While materials are designed for flight-level leaders (CGOs and mid-level enlisted), units should determine their own attendee requirements (grade, position, etc.) and course frequency.

Course graduates should be equipped and motivated to strengthen their squadrons by leading, developing, managing, and communicating with competence and confidence. FCE includes a Course Director Handbook, lesson plans, lesson guides, course templates, facilitator guidance, self-assessments, feedback forms, a multitude of exercises, handouts, and learning aids to support this goal. The Global College-provided content is designed to (a) improve understanding of flight-level leader roles, duties, and responsibilities; (b) increase proficiency in key flight-level leadership skills and behaviors; and (c) orient flight-level leaders on unit policies, programs, plans, and procedures.

In the provided leadership lessons, participants review materials (videos, handouts, etc.), engage in guided discussion, complete exercises, and assess themselves on flight- level leadership behaviors..

Leadership lessons include:

The Role of the Flight Commander
Preparing for Command
Emotional Intelligence
New Problems, New Thinking
Developing Full-Range Leadership
Communication in Command
The Road Ahead (closing lesson)

Mission Command in Leadership Building Teams
Leading Change
Developing Others

Conflict Management
Ethical Leadership
Senior Leader Perspective

FCE also provides lesson guides which can be used by local units to develop key leadership-related content based on local policies and procedures, including:

Organizational Structure Manning
Civil Service Force Structure Total Force Integration Discipline, NJP, and the UCMJ Materiel Management

Taking Care of Families
Officer Performance Reports
Civilian Appraisals
Organizational Heritage Funding
Enlisted Force Structure
Working with Contractors
Base Support Agencies Deployment
Professional Development Networking
Enlisted Performance Reports
Conducting/Documenting Feedback
Awards and Decorations
Time and Meeting Management

For questions concerning FCE or this website, please contact the Global College at (334) 953-4231, DSN 493-4231, or via email at flightcommandersedge@us.af.mil.

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