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These web pages are designed to support the development of Flight Commander Leadership Courses across MAJCOMS, NAFs, Wings, Deltas, and subordinate-units. 

Who are these pages for?  Course directors, facilitators, presenters, and leadership experts associated with the development and delivery of flight-level leadership programs.

How do I get started? First, download the Course Director Handbook (right) for step-by-step instructions on how to build a new (or modify an existing) Flight Commander Course into the new Flight Commander Leadership Course format.

Can I use these materials as a student or for self-study?  These pages are specific designed for creating and presenting a Flight Commander Leadership Course, however, individual students may find a review of the Lesson Plans and Lesson Guides useful for personal development.


CD Handbook



The chart below shows how The Flight Commander's Edge is designed to integrate with unit-level Flight Commander Leadership Courses to improve leadership instruction and delivery.

FCE Architecture

Action Steps to Build Your Course

Download the Course Director Handbook.  The Handbook provides detailed guidance on how to build your course.  You should peruse it before beginning course design.

Review the leadership Lesson Plans provided by Air University.  Then, select the lessons you want to include in your course.

Review the Lesson Guides for locally-produced content. Then, coordinate with the appropriate base agency to prepare a presentation and commit to providing a presenter for your course.

Negotiate the amount of time required for presentation with your leadership and adjust your course content accordingly. After deciding on a course length, select one of the templates below to create your course timeline.

2-Day Template
3-Day Template
4-Day Template
5-Day Template

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