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Building and Teaching Your Course

Use these resources as you build out your course per the instructions in the CD Handbook.


Air University has developed 15 leadership-focused lessons for your use.  If you use the AU-provided materials, four Core Leadership Lessons are critical (shown below).  These lessons provide the structure required to execute the Recommended Leadership Lessons.  The remaining lessons support other facets of leadership development.

1. The Role of the Flight Commander (Lesson Plan)

Core Lesson -- This lesson should be the first lesson in your course.

Lesson Support Slides (PPT)
Flight CC Discussion Guide
Squadron CC Discussion Guide
Leadership Library Question Prompts Handout

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The Role of the Flight CC

2. Building Teams

Building Teams PDF
Building Teams Slides

To Learn More:
Building and Busting Teams

3. Communications in Command

Communications in Command PDF
Communications in Command Slides

To Learn More:
Communication in Command

4. Conflict Management

Conflict Management PDF
Conflict Management Slides

To Learn More:
Conflict Management

5. Developing Full Range Leadership

Developing Full Range Leadership PDF
Developing Full Range Leadership Slides

To Learn More:
Stafford Full Range Leadership Primer
Stafford Full Range Leadership Summary
Developing Full Range Leadership

6. Developing Others

Developing Others PDF
Developing Others Slides

To Learn More:
EFD Action Plan (2022-2023)
The Need for Deliberate Development
Developing Others

7. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence PDF
Emotional Intelligence Slides

To Learn More:
Emotional Intelligence

8. Ethical Leadership

Ethical Leadership PDF
Ethical Leadership Slides

To Learn More:
The Core Values Framing and Resolving Ethical Issues for the Air Force_Myers
Ethical Leadership

9. Followership

Followership PDF
Followership Slides

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10. Leading Change

Leading Change PDF
Leading Change Slides

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Leading Change

11. Mission Command in Leadership

Mission Command PDF
Mission Command Slides

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Mission Command in Leadership

12. New Problem, New Thinking

New Problem, New Thinking PDF
New Problem, New Thinking Slides

To Learn More:
New Problems, New Thinking

13. Preparing for Command

Core Lesson -- This lesson should be the second lesson in your course.

Preparing for Command PDF
Preparing for Command Slides

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Preparing for Command

14. Senior Leader Perspective

Core Lesson -- This lesson should be on the last day of your course.

Senior Leader Perspective PDF

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Senior Leader Perspective

15. The Road Ahead

Core Lesson -- This lesson should be on the last day of your course.

The Road Ahead PDF
The Road Ahead Word Doc
The Road Ahead Slides

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The Road Ahead

Air University has researched and identified several popular topics and have provided Lesson Guides to help you structure your own mission-focused content. These guides are designed to be customized with insight and perspectives from local senior leaders and base agencies. Choose any, all, or none of these topics to include in your courses.  

Awards and Decorations Networking
Base Support Agencies Officer Performance Reports
Civil Service Force Structure Organizational Heritage
Civilian Appraisals Organizational Structure and Mission
Deployment Flight Commander Panel
Discipline, Non-Judicial Punishment, and the Uniform Code of Military Justice Senior Noncommissioned Officer Panel
Enlisted Force Structure Squadron Commander Panel
Enlisted Performance Reports Prioritization
Conducting and Documenting Feedback Professional Development
Facilitator Education Resources Taking Care of Families
Funding Time and Meeting Management
Manning Total Force Integration
Material Management Working with Contractors



Discussion guides should be sent to the flight commander (student) and the student's squadron commander (or equivalent) at least 1 week prior to the course start date.

The content of these discussions will be reflected upon and used throughout the Flight Commander's Edge suite of Leadership Lessons.

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