Alabama Goodwill Ambassadors 

International Officer School, Maxwell AFB, AL / Published February 11, 2020

The Alabama Goodwill Ambassadors (AGAs) Volunteer Program is an International Officer School program made possible through the contributions of dedicated community volunteers.  AGAs are military and civilian volunteers and organizations from the local community who support international officers and their families in a variety of ways while they are attending school at Maxwell Air Force Base.  AGAs assist in learning about the local community and through their friendship help to foster international relations, help international officers and their families feel welcome, and create a lasting, positive impression of our nation and citizens.

International Family Orientation Program (IFOP): IFOP introduces international family members to a diverse social network, familiarizes them with the greater Montgomery area, and introduces them to vital aspects of living in America: pharmacies, money, weather, driving safety, shopping, school information, etc. IFOP volunteerism can vary, from providing help with set-up, infant care, and language translation, to sharing perspectives on a variety of subjects.

International Dependents’ English Course (IDEC):  IDEC is a volunteer-based English as a Second Language (ESL) course offered at the International Officer School. The international officers at Maxwell Air Force Base must be proficient in English before their arrival; however, some of their family members are not. IDEC provides international dependents basic survival English skills needed for daily activities like shopping or asking for directions. IDEC volunteers can serve as primary instructors or assist in a classroom.

Social Activity Groups Program:  The Social Activity Groups Program is a volunteer-led and run program that supports international spouses year-round. Social Activity Groups provide opportunities to foster international friendships and provide firsthand exposure to American culture and the American way of life.

Get involved and become an Ambassador.  Assist our international officers and families in getting to know the American people.  Sign up here today on the International Family Support Organization website. 





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