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  • AGA Appreciation Night

    The Alabama Goodwill Ambassadors Appreciation Night (AGAAN) is a formal event hosted annually by the Commander, Air University to express gratitude to the AGAs.AGAs who sponsor a student during the year are invited and are recognized or presented awards based on achievements of certain milestones.Typically, attendance numbers range from 300-400
  • Alabama, National, or International Driver's License?

    In the state of Alabama, you are allowed to drive using a valid national or international license for up to one year, as long as the license is written in English. If you license is not written in English, the IOS can assist you in obtaining a translation. Your license must remain valid through your departure from the U.S. as national licenses
  • Arriving in Montgomery

    If you are flying into the Montgomery Regional Airport (MGM), within your authorized arrival window, you will be greated by a member of the schoolhouse you are about to enter. This person will provide you with a welcome folder, the date and time to report to the IOS to inprocess (which is a mandatory appointment), and with transportation to your
  • Enlisted Professional Military Education Courses

    USAF Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy (SNCOA)USAF First Sergeant's Academy    
  • Family Orientation and English-Language Programs

    Visit the International Family Support Organization (IFSO) page for more information on all family programs.   Family Orientations. Spouses and adult dependents (ages 18 and up) will have the opportunity to learn about important topics, including U.S. healthcare, emergency procedures, severe weather, and school systems.  The orientation is a fun
  • Field Studies Program

    The Field Studies Program (FSP) is congressionally mandated with authorities derived from USC Title 22. The goal is to ensure that international students return to their homelands with an understanding of the responsibilities of governments, militaries, and citizens to protect, preserve, and respect the rights of every individual. The Field Studies
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Why are there international officers at Maxwell, AFB?One of the U.S. Air Force's core functions is building partnerships. The establishment of strong, foundational aviation enterprises in our partner nations enables successful, sustainable, security within their own borders while contributing to regional stability. Successful partnerships ensure
  • Housing

    NOTE: In the U.S., where you choose to live dictates where your children will go to school; this is called zoning. Some schools in the area are rated better than others, so you may want to do some research prior to making a decision on where to live. For more information on zoning and school ratings, click here. On Base: Privatized Housing 
  • Inprocessing

    InprocessingUpon your arrival at the Montgomery Regional Airport (if arriving within the allowed arrival window) you will be greeted by a member of the schoolhouse you are about to enter, who will provide you with the date and time of your inprocessing appointment at the International Officer School (IOS). This is a mandatory appointment that
  • International Honor Roll

    The International Honor Roll (IHR) is a prestigious tribute to international officer and senior non-commissioned officer alumni of the Air University who have attained the highest military or other prominent positions in either a military or civilian capacity. The Air University, on behalf of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force and the Chief Master
  • International Officer School

    Mission. Prepare international military students and their families for Air University Professional Military Educations (PME) programs and partner with international leaders through engagement and outreach.The International Officer School (IOS) is the lead-up course to prepare all international officers for attending Air War College (AWC), Air
  • Know the Community

      Restaurants The following areas are good places to find many places to eat. Downtown Montgomery: The Alley East Montgomery: The Shoppes at Eastchase Prattville: Cobbs Ford Road - High Point Town Center & Legends Pkwy    
  • Lodging

    Unaccompanied students receiving U.S. Government travel and living allowance (TLA) must reside in the Visiting Officer Quarters (VOQ). The IOS will reserve VOQ lodging for all unaccompanied students prior to arrival. Should a student receiving TLA choose to live off-base for any reason, all allowances will be forfeited. Maxwell AFB does not have
  • Maxwell AFB School Liaison Officer

    Maxwell AFB has a School Liaison Officer (SLO) who works with the local school districts to advocate for military families. IMS should feel free to contact the SLO with any questions regarding schools in the local area.  To email the SLO, send message to wanda.cooper@us.af.mil   
  • Obtaining a Vehicle

    Renting or LeasingCompanies offer short and long term rent or lease options. There will be a contract to sign and policies on car repair, driving distance limitations, etc.Often, a renting company will take care of all or some of the vehicle registration process for you (such as vehicle tag or license plates, registration fees and insurance). Be

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