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International Student Sponsorship Program: The Alabama Goodwill Ambassadors

Alabama Goodwill Ambassadors (AGAs) are volunteer sponsors who assist international officers and their families who are attending various schools at the Air University on Maxwell AFB. AGAs ease the family's transition into the local community and, through friendship, help make them feel welcome, help to foster international relations, and create a lasting, positive impression of our nation and people.

Each International Military Student (IMS) scheduled to attend the AWC, ACSC, or SOS course in residence will be assigned an AGA sponsor. IMS attending other courses at Air University can request a sponsor by emailing the Sponsor Coordinator at IOS.

Upon arrival in Montgomery, AL you will be given a welcome folder containing your AGA's contact information. When possible, IOS will provide your email address to your AGA in advance of your arrival; this is dependent upon whether or not your email address has been provided to IOS.

To find out who your sponsor is prior to your arrival in Montgomery, if you need assistance contacting your sponsor, or if you would like to request a specific sponsor, please contact the Sponsor Coordinator at IOS.


e-mail: au.ios.aga@us.af.mil
Phone: +1 334-953-7613
+1 334-953-6338 


To view the Alabama Goodwill Ambassadors website, click here 



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