Arriving in Montgomery

Welcome BoothIf you are flying into the Montgomery Regional Airport (MGM), within your authorized arrival window, you will be greated by a member of the schoolhouse you are about to enter. This person will provide you with a welcome folder, the date and time to report to the IOS to inprocess (which is a mandatory appointment), and with transportation to your hotel or residence (if required).

Each schoolhouse makes every effort to ensure a representative meets students at the airport upon arrival. Any changes to student arrival times or flight itineraries en route should be reported to the IOS as soon as possible.

After your arrival, you will recieve in-depth briefs during inprocessing covering everything you need to know to get settled and focused on the reason your country sent you here - to attend your respective courses.

Your primary point of contact (POC) while at the Air University will be your course director or IMS Liaison. Your International Military Student Officer (IMSO) and Student Operations staff, located on Maxwell AFB at IOS, stand ready to answer any questions you might have that cannot be answered by your school's course director. The IMSO and Student Operations are responsible for all of your administrative needs and are available to provide additional support as required.

Directions: Driving to Maxwell AFB



Upon your arrival at the Montgomery Regional Airport (if arriving within the allowed arrival window) you will be greeted by a member of the schoolhouse you are about to enter, who will provide you with the date and time of your inprocessing appointment at the International Officer School (IOS). This is a mandatory appointment that cannot be rescheduled. Usually, the appointment will take place on either the day of your arrival into Montgomery or the following day.

If you arrive outside of the official arrival window, or if you fly into an airport other than Montgomery Regional: to recieve your inprocessing information, you must come to the IOS during the first available duty hour. IOS duty hours are Monday - Friday, 0800 - 1630.

At your IOS inprocessing appointment, you can expect a full review of your Invitational Travel Order (ITO), a review of your medical insurance policy (if you are required to have one), briefings about the U.S. Government Pay process (if recieving payment from the USG), and information on local policies. You will also recieve a checklist with items for your completion, and an appointment time to recieve and register your U.S. military identification card.

Items on the checklist and all appointments are mandatory and must be completed prior to you leaving the Montgomery area for any reason. Appointment dates and times can not be rescheduled, so please plan accordingly.


Please ensure to bring the following with you to your inprocessing appointment:

  • Invitational Travel Order (ITO) and amendments
  • Passport/Visa
  • International, National, or U.S. driver's license
  • Travel/Flight itinerary (if recieving pay from the USG)
  • Receipts for expenses (baggage, hotel, taxi)


If your family is accompanying you during training, you must also bring their passport/visa and driver's license (if they plan to drive in the U.S.)

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