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  • Musical Criminology: A Comparative Analysis of Jihadist Nasheeds and Narco Corridos

    This study examines and comparatively analyzes the two musical genres in the context of terrorism and narco-terrorism, and how these musical traditions affect their respective followers, admirers, and devotees. The analysis also highlights how these musical genres popularize crime and violence, and desensitize audiences to the extreme brutality praised and glorified in their songs.
  • The Middle East and Syria as a Case of Foreign Intervention: Implications for the United States, the Syrian Kurds, and the Middle East after the Defeat of Daesh

    One of the key elements in the analysis of foreign realities is the acknowledgment of its foreign element. In a very recent publication, Dr. Irena Chiru, of the National Intelligence Academy of Romania, describes the importance of the cultural element in security-related research and the importance of understanding a country’s society and values. Western academics and practitioners must carefully study the Middle East, as a strategic area, to truly understand its history, its unique way of development, and forms of governance. This article intends to give a broad perspective of the Middle East—and Syria in particular—from a Western perspective but with an approach qualified by a proper experience on the field and using Realism and Structural Realism.
  • Radicalization in Prisons and Mosques in France

    France has the largest Islamic population in Europe and one of the largest percentages of total population. While the Arab Spring and associated conflict in the Middle East have triggered a significant influx of migrants into the country, France has been a destination for immigrants from its former colonies like Morocco and Algeria since the second half of the twentieth century. While many issues regarding radicalization stem from migration stretching back decades, the rapid increase in immigrants from war-torn areas, combined with prevalent Islamist extremism, presents extremely serious issues for the French government.
  • Volume 02 Issue 02, Summer 2020

    Volume 02 Issue 02, Summer 2020

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