Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs Articles

Category: Cadet Perspectives
  • Economic Implications and Near-Term Strategic Impacts of Military-Civil Fusion for the Next China

    This article examines, first, Military-Civil Fusion’s origins and organizational framework, along with its execution today under President Xi Jinping. The analysis documents key economic and political interactions among MCF’s various stakeholders. Additionally, the article uses as an example the participation one State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) in MCF to highlight the technological force multipliers that China gains. In doing so, I describe the challenges to MCF’s implementation and contend that MCF is a complex military and economic enterprise requiring greater attention by the Department of Defense.

  • Legitimizing and Operationalizing US Lawfare: The Successful Pursuit of Decisive Legal Combat in the South China Sea

    This article provides a recommended definition of lawfare, contrasts the United States’ and China’s use of lawfare in the South China Sea, and discusses potential options for the United States’ strategic legitimization and operationalization of lawfare.

  • Avoiding Thucydides’ Trap in the Western Pacific through the Air Domain

    Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the United States has arguably exercised the most powerful global military imbalance the world has ever seen. This domination; however, is perceived to be fading in the wake of a new possible contender. The tension and likelihood of conflict between the United States and the People’s Republic of China has risen in recent decades. The inevitability of conflict has taken root in many academic and strategic forums. The term “Thucydides’ Trap” has echoed in many discussions among leading strategic, military, intelligence, and political science analysts.


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