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Volume 6 Nº 1, 1st Edition 2024


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Revista Agulhas Negras Journal Special Issue
From the San Julián Military Air Base, as if he were an experienced correspondent, the author brings us a series of actions that constituted the legend of the Southern Air Force of Argentina. This work establishes a before and after state of the Institution. The armed conflict in the South Atlantic was more than just the clashes in the unredeemed Islands. This is demonstrated in the abundant acts of war outside the island territory, both in the air, on the sea or in the bases established in the Continental Deployment Zone. In real time, José Luis Martínez remembers in first person and offers the testimonies of some of the protagonists. An unforgettable epic that astonished the world, to which he adds unpublished documents obtained, almost in their entirety, during the development of the events. So much so that a large part of his narration seems as it was captured live. The meticulous mention of military personnel and the civilians involved in the fight and the precise data on each fighter aircraft, from its acquisition to its final destination, make up a true contribution, necessary to understand the basis of the mission accomplished.
Colonel Jayson A. Altieri, USA (Ret.), reviews the book: Cuban MiGs: The Defenders of Castro’s Air Force, by Hélio Higuchi and Paulo Roberto Bastos Junior. Harpia Publishing, 2022, 137 pp.
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United-Allied. This is the motto of the System of Cooperation Among the American Air Forces, or SICOFAA. The organization is a collection of more than 20 air forces from across the Western Hemisphere who work together to combat natural disasters and humanitarian aid crises throughout the region. Throughout the year, representatives from each nation meet at various locations in the hemisphere to map out interoperability agreements, update doctrine and propose future plans.