Lee takes command of Squadron Officer School

  • Published
  • By Billy Blankenship
  • Air University Public Affairs

Col. Kevin Lee took command of Air University’s Squadron Officer School during a change of command ceremony on Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, July 14, 2023.

Lt. Gen. Andrea Tullos, Air University’s commander and president, presided the ceremony, transitioning the guidon from Col. Lance Rosa-Miranda to Lee.

“I can’t think of a better leader than ‘Buddy’ to continue to pour leadership skills and a warfighting ethos into our captains,” she said. “It’s ‘Buddy’s’ diverse set of talents that make him the perfect fit for what we are getting after here at AU. Buddy well understands the role that our allies and partners play in securing the peace as well as victory, and the role he’ll play here helping us build international partnership that will extend well beyond the halls of SOS.”

Lee, a 2006 graduate of previously named Squadron Officer College, returns to the university to be responsible for educating more than 4,200 Department of the Air Force and international officers annually. The Air Force Academy graduate’s previous assignment was as the commander of the 409th Air Expeditionary Group in Niger.

I look forward to the challenges and opportunities this position holds...
Col. Kevin R. Lee, Commandant, Squadron Officer School

“I look forward to the challenges and opportunities this position holds,” Lee said. “As a deployed group commander, I was able to see captains execute the mission at the tactical level.  I deeply admire their commitment to the task, and I see in them what the Air Force needs in officers to ensure readiness in the very complicated and serious security issues the United States is now confronted with.  I am deeply honored to be able to help the current generation of young leaders, and the future generation of leaders, in their development as the officers the Air Force needs.”