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  • EiTaaS Tier 1 Maintenance Support

    How will 16 AF and the 688 CW conduct Cyber Security Service Provider (CSSP) Services for the Air Force Network-Unclassified (AFNET-U) when Tier 1 maintenance and operations for AFNET-U is contracted out to the private sector during the Enterprise to Infrastructure as a Service (EiTaaS)? (688 CW)

  • Disposition of Forces (DOF) Consolidation

    How do we optimize the dissemination, visualization, storage, and cataloging of battlespace characterization data and Disposition of Forces (DOF) production? (480 ISRG)

  • Government-Wide Data Sharing

    What are the current effective methods of data sharing across the various government agencies and how can these methods be improved? (AFTAC)

  • Cyber Survivability of Air Force Weapon Systems

    How can we prioritize and streamline cyber survivability efforts for the Air Force and ultimately mitigate these threats as mandated by Congress through the Joint Staff and executed by Program Management Offices? (70 ISRW)

  • Intelligence Production in Agile Combat Employment

    What LLM solutions can be used to develop methods, processes, applications, capabilities, etc. enabling rapid production at scale to meet future demands associated with the Agile Combat Employment (ACE) concept? (363 ISRW)

  • Due Regard and Changing Borders

    Documented and public cases of Russian aggression against MQ-9s in the Black Sea, CCP actions with lasers against Philippine vessels, and other unprofessional and unsafe actions against U.S. reconnaissance assets create a paradigm where aggressive and damaging actions are seemingly tolerated as

  • Learning Technology to Aid Information Warfare Training

    How can we leverage learning technologies such as game-based learning, AI tutors, hypermedia, etc. to train IW forces most effectively on the roles, assets, and capabilities needed to achieve full spectrum IW effects? (616 OC)