Lodging and Finance Information

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  • Squadron Officer School, Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL

The SOS students must reside in the dorms. All Air University student lodging is managed by 42 ABW/FSS and rooms are automatically reserved for SOS students. SOS does NOT coordinate special accommodations, change out room assignments, or address lodging issues. If you have lodging questions, contact Maxwell Lodging.

Rooms:  Room accommodations vary, some have kitchenettes and others simply have a microwave and mini fridge. SOS does NOT control where students are assigned. While some variances occur due to space availability, the priority of SOS is to keep flights together. You will receive your room assignment during student in-processing (day prior to class start).  

Early Arrivals:  AETC TDY-to-School will only pay for 1 travel day, excess travel time may be charged as leave.

Per Diem and Lodging Rates:  For the most current lodging and partial per diem rates students should consult the DOD Defense Travel Website at defensetravel.dod.mil. Students will have a minimum of 1 lunch hour per day and have access to the base dining facility (DFAC) for breakfast and dinner meals.
Civilians currently can use the commissary during the ROM period only for SOS.


SOS is NOT the POC for problems with finance. SOS cannot assign fund cites, cut orders, arrange special lodging accommodations, authorize per diem changes, or provide other Defense Travel Services (DTS). Contact your unit training or financial manager. DO NOT contact SOS for lodging, financial, or orders assistance. 

Expenses: Although lodging is automatically reserved for each student on base, the student is charged for room payment.  Before you leave for SOS, ensure your government travel charge card (GTCC) is not expired an is ready to accept charges.  (The card may be deactivated when not in official government travel status).  Your credit limit must be high enough to cover your transportation expenses, lodging, and meals.  Contact your unit GTCC representative for assistance.  SOS can NOT authorize any additional expenses. ALL finance and travel issues should be coordinated through your home station and/or MAJCOM A1 training managers.


*NOTE: The SOS In-Residence course involves many physically demanding activities.  SOS In-Residence students must be physically able to complete these activities.  If applicable, such as pregnancy, a doctor’s note must be provided clearing a student to participate in all activities.
Routine, non-emergency care requires authorization from your Home Unit PCM.
Urgent or Emergency Care (Sick Call type event), call the Maxwell Clinic for appointment Authorization. Requirements: call PCM for authorization before care (on the front of your TriCare Prime ID Card).
Can use any local provider.
Listing of network providers from the TriCare Service Center Care in MTF will be space available basis only. OB SERVICES
No OB Services Available at Maxwell.
If you require prenatal care, contact your PCM for authorization (on the front of your TriCare Prime ID Card).

Vehicle Policy

Students are highly encouraged to bring their own vehicle to SOS and are responsible for their own travel. Civilians will need to travel 5 miles off base to the nearest grocery store following the ROM. You do not need to register a vehicle when you arrive on Maxwell. Contact your unit training/financial training manager if you will need personal transportation.

Accompanied Students

SOS currently does not allow accompanied students nor dependents in following current public health guidelines.  All students must stay on base.  Again, SOS in NOT an authorized accompanied TDY.

Squadron Officer School
125 Chennault Circle 

Building 1403
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