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SOS Mission: "Develop air and space leaders primed to prevail in competitive environments."

SOS Vision: "The critical tactical-to-operational bridge for leadership development."

SOS Goal:  Graduated students will return to their units with an enhanced understanding of the institutional competencies, leadership actions, and key elements of reasoning required to fly, fight, and win in the 21st century.

      Formed in 1950, the Squadron Officer School (SOS) program has evolved continuously to meet modern challenges in order to provide relevant professional military education. Today, the Squadron Officer School in-residence program is an immersive educational experience for US Air Force and US Space Force active duty, guard, and reserve captains, civilians, and international officers.

     The purpose of SOS is to develop solution-minded, bold, and courageous Airmen and Guardians ready to overcome tomorrow's challenges.  The course is structured around four areas: Leading, Communicating, Warfighting, and Thinking. Students will engage in classroom and hands-on application events to lead themselves and their team, to foster a strategic and creative mindset, to resolve conflict effectively, to collaboratively solve problems, and to gain foundational knowledge on airpower doctrine, international paradigms, and joint all-domain warfare to learn to lead in uncertain environments. 

      With the establishment of the US Space Force, SOS has developed the "Spacepower Education and Advanced Readiness (SPEAR)" track, a space-specific academic track by the Space Gray Rhinos as part of the in-residence SOS curriculum.  Space Force Guardians and selected Active Duty and Total Force Airmen will focus on integrating spacepower disciplines, conducting space operations, and exploring how spacepower supports the instruments of power.  Students in the SPEAR track will complete a Space Force-focused capstone project tackling the focus areas outlines in the CSO Planning Guidance.

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Squadron Officer School
125 Chennault Circle 

Building 1403
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112