Strategic Studies Quarterly

Volume 14 Issue 2 - Summer 2020

  • Published
  • Strategic Studies Quarterly, Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL

  • Trump holds a chart of weapon sales as he welcomes Saudia Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the Oval Office in 2018.

    Power, Profit, or Prudence? US Arms Sales since 9/11

    A. Trevor Thrall, Jordan Cohen, and Caroline Dorminey

    Should strategic interests and economic considerations override risk assessments in the arms sales decision process?

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  • Graphic depicts chessboard with chess pieces on one side and a picture of the globe on the other.

    American Grand Strategy for an Emerging World Order

    Scott Lawless

    Should Can the United States secure its interests, maintain liberal legitimacy, and shape the emerging international order toward a stable future?     

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  • Book cover of Shadows on the Wall: Deterrence and Disarmament by Keith B. Payne

    Shadows on the Wall: Deterrence and Disarmament 

    by Keith B. Payne
    Reviewed by Curtis McGiffin

    Dr.Payne presents the most cogent review of today's competing nuclear narratives, and his conclusions provide a new framework by which to devise a strategy to achieve a stabilizing deterrence effect.

  • Book cover of The Future of Strategy by Colin S. Gray

    The Future of Strategy

    by Colin S. Gray
    Reviewed by Dr. Gregory D. Miller 

    One of the most important strategy scholars of our time, Gray presents a more condensed version of his ideas, therefore making them more accessible to those first engaging in the study of strategy. This book also shows some of the evolution of Gray’s thinking. 

  • Photo of Dr. Colin Gray

    Dr. Colin S. Gray

    We honor the memory of author, scholar, and strategist Dr. Colin S. Gray, one of the original Strategic Studies Quarterly advisers. Few scholars were ever more influential in the theory and practice of strategy, the dialogue between policy and military force, or the value of history for educating policy makers. He will be sorely missed by Air University and Strategic Studies Quarterly.

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