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  • Evolving the Command and Control of Airpower

    IntroductionThe new Air Force Doctrine Publication (AFDP) 1 formally establishes mission command as the philosophy for the command and control (C2) of airpower, to be implemented through centralized command, distributed control, and decentralized execution.1 It is an evolution of the long-standing airpower tenet of centralized control and
  • The Problem with Three: Great Power Competition Deterrence

    Defining the relationship between two entities has provided some useful models. Marriage signifies the communal bond between two people. Newton helped define the gravitational relationship between two bodies. The Cold War brought insight into the working of strategic deterrence between two nuclear superpowers. When a third object is introduced into
  • The Integrated Resilience Program at Malmstrom AFB, Montana, 2019-2020

    In response to General David Goldfein’s call to fight “an adversary that is killing more of our airmen than any enemy on the planet,”1 Headquarters Air Force implemented Operation THURSDAY to address rising suicide numbers. From 1 August to 15 September 2019, this resilience tactical pause (RTP) sought to empower Airmen at the lowest level to
  • Counter-Cyber Reflections for NATO

    BackgroundSince the mid-1990s, Russia has steadily recovered its ailing economy from post-Soviet collapse and resurfaced onto the world stage. It is Vladimir Putin’s objective to re-establish the Russian Federation (RF) in the international arena as a global security broker and secure Russia’s sphere of influence in a polycentric world rife with
  • “Fight’s on. Commit. You’re Dead.” Why the United States’ Largest Training Ranges Are Too Small and How LVC Can Provide the Answer

    Executive SummaryThe United States is running out of room.Eielson AFB, Alaska, boasts claim to the Department of Defense’s (DOD) premier training venue, a range spanning over 1.5 million acres of maneuver land and 65,000 square miles of airspace known as the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex (JPARC). It is the largest block of contiguous airspace
  • Satellite Servicing: A History, the Impact to the Space Force, and the Logistics Behind It

    IntroductionSatellite servicing is an important emerging technology not only to industry and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), but also to national security. Servicing technology should be of key interest for the United States Space Force (USSF) to research, and serviceability should be an even greater requirement pushed by the
  • AI-Enabled War-in-the-Air

    It is a time of rapid disruptive technological change and none more so than in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). While developed by and for the commercial sector, AI’s apparent potential for military use is now pushing armed forces globally to begin experimenting with embryonic AI-enabled defense systems. There may be a considerable
  • Organizational Innovation to Achieve JADC2

    The US military is banking on technological solutions to usher in the future of effective military command and control in a joint and all-domain combat environment. While much has been written about the Air Force’s technical development of the advanced battle management system (ABMS), given the Army’s skepticism of the program as a panacea for
  • China in Search of AI Supremacy

    In order to totally understand the need of the United States to maintain and compete for artificial intelligence (AI) supremacy over our near peer threat, China, we must first look at the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) militarily goals and what makes them unique in their pursuit. According to the Department of Defense’s (DOD) 2000’s Annual Report
  • Wild Blue Yonder Article Submission Guidelines

    Wild Blue Yonder is an online, moderated and professionally reviewed blog representing Air University and Air University Press.  Because Air University develops Airmen of all ranks and across the officer and enlisted Total Force, we encourage articles and deal with all aspects of the DAF experience and profession of arms.  We expect that pieces submitted come from authors who are writing from knowledgeable positions, making arguments in good faith and who will respond positively to peer suggestions and conform to the standards expected of professional service journals.  


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