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Category: Fiction and Popular Culture
  • You Will Be Annihilated

    This article from the Air Command and Staff College elective Sci-fi as Strategy presents a story of intergalactic war, delving into matters of artificial intelligence, groupthink, coalition building, and host of other relevant issues.

  • Doomie

    This sci-fi short story, written for an Air University elective, explores a number of important issues, including space exploration, space debris tracking and remediation, international science and military cooperation, superpower and multipolar political dynamics, and more.

  • Island Hopping—Feet Dry!: Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Indications and Warning in Austere Environments

    To increase technology’s capabilities and how it can be used requires innovation. Identifying how to fit emerging technology into the mission construct can be viewed as limiting; however, there has to be a starting point. The fictional vignette illustrates how such innovation might play out in our future.


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