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The eSchool's Air Command and Staff College (ACSC) distance learning (DL) intermediate developmental education (IDE) curriculum is designed to produce a more effective field-grade officer serving in operational-level command or staff positions. The IDE/ACSC DL program emphasizes applying airpower in joint campaign planning and the operational art of war. Students explore national security issues, strategy and war theory, airpower history and theory, expeditionary Air Force force-employment concepts, and the capabilities and limitations that the US Air Force and its sister services contribute to joint force commanders.

All curriculum is web based and accessed through an online learning management system. In addition to readings, the program includes a variety of computer-based interactive learning activities and exercises and leverages social media tools to enable peer-to-peer interaction and learning. Self-paced study is enhanced by a national security paper and three multiweek, collaborative, online-facilitated seminars.

The program’s student-centered approach for learning is focused on measuring a student’s ability to think critically, analyze, and apply knowledge, often to real-world situations. During the facilitated online seminars, students have the opportunity to engage with peers and instructors and discuss and debate the ideas presented in the curriculum, contributing to overall mastery of the course and higher-order thinking.

All eSchool IDE/ACSC DL graduates receive joint professional military education (JPME) phase I credit. Phase I emphasizes the fundamentals needed for a sound basis in joint operations and provides a foundation for follow-on study for phase II education.

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