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The Flight Commander’s Edge is a program established by Air University to support the development of flight-level leadership courses across the Air Force.

Background: Managed by the eSchool of Graduate Professional Military Education, The Flight Commander’s Edge program provides a variety of tools designed to help MAJCOM, NAF, and Wing leadership develop and deploy flight-level leadership courses.  

Content:  Focusing on both leadership topics and base-specific content, The Flight Commander’s Edge program provides lesson plans that can be executed in the classroom by individuals with little or no teaching experience.  Lesson plans and guides provide a discussion- and activity-based “experience” which may be customized and taught by anyone with a minimum amount of preparation. 

Community:  Content is available for designated MAJCOM, NAF, and Wing-level course directors and facilitators via a dedicated online community.  In the community, participants can share information, ask questions, and download both Air University and locally-produced content. Access is restricted by login.  To request an account, please click here

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