Great Power Competition Lecture Series

The Great Power Competition lecture series is designed to equip Air and Space professionals with the historical, cultural, geopolitical, technological, and operational knowledge required to assess the contemporary operating environment in increasingly contested regions of the world.  Lectures are intended to create connections between the past, present, and future in order to enable Air and Space professionals to better respond to surprise and uncertainty during moments of pivotal change and transition.

Series One: China - Historical Connections

Lecture 1: January 21

How Did the West Surpass and Subordinate the East? The Great Divergence and China

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Lecture 2: February 11

Three Events that Shook East Asia: The Opium Wars, the Sino-Japanese War, & the May 4th Movement

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Series One: China - Contemporary China

Lecture 3: February 25

CCP Legitimacy, Domestic Politics, and Xi Jinping

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Lecture 4: March 18

Economic Trajectory and the Belt and Road Initiative


​Lecture 5: April 7 & 8

Informationized Warfare and the South China Sea


Lecture 6: April 29

Grand Strategy, Trends, and Future Scenarios


Series TWO: Joint Operations in Great Power Competition.  Coming June 2021.

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