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Online Master's Program Curriculum Flow

OLMP Curriculum Flow

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The Online Master’s Program (OLMP) curriculum is designed to produce more effective officers serving in operational-level command or staff positions. The program fosters the development of higher-order thinking by challenging students to think critically about applying airpower in joint campaign planning at the operational level of war.

There are four different concentrations in OLMP, Joint Warfare, LeadershipOperational Warfare, and Nuclear Weapons. All four OLMP concentrations are separate from the eSchool's IDE program; they are not an addendum to it. The OLMP curriculum covers such topics as contemporary Air Force operations, national security, leadership, and joint warfare challenges and opportunities. Due to the level of work required, new students are allowed to take only one course each term; however, they may be approved to take two courses each term after they have successfully completed their first three courses. Each course requires 10 to 15 hours of work per week. Tuition is free, and there is no active-duty service commitment associated with the program; however, students incur the cost of required books, personal computer, and Internet connectivity. Additionally, students will require access to a common access card (CAC)-enabled system for program application and course registration.

Students who work steadily should be able to complete their master’s degree in two years; however, students have up to five years to meet degree requirements. Student deployments, unique duty schedules, and job or personal demands while enrolled can be easily managed due to the inherent flexibility of the program.

OLMP courses are hosted and accessed through an online learning management system and are facilitated by adjunct instructors who have been selected, trained, reviewed, and credentialed by the eSchool. Assessments are submitted online, and instructor feedback is returned to students to assist them in improving both their understanding of course materials and their communication skills.

Upon successful completion of the program, students earn an accredited master’s degree in military operational art and science. The program was reviewed by the joint staff and received full JPME Phase I accreditation. More importantly, students can participate in a learning opportunity that is focused directly upon the needs of the modern war fighter—gaining knowledge and developing skills that will serve them in their current positions, throughout the remainder of their military careers, and once they leave the military.

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