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Key Documents

These are the key documents to help you with written assignments.


The Writing Process

Follow through these items to review the process of writing, or browse by topic to find a specific area you want to review. Please note in this "Writing Process" section only the portion of Tongue and Quill that directly applies to the given topic is presented. The entire Tongue and Quill .pdf can be accessed in the "Additional Resources" section below




Supporting Ideas & Citing

You can use the ideas of others to support your arguments, but you must give them credit. This section provides information that will help you support your arguments more effectively and provide the proper credit to others.

Research Writing Guides

The OLMP program requires a Research paper as part of the Masters degree. The idea of writing a research paper can be intimidating. The guides in this section should help remove the mystery and give you a clear plan on how to navigate the path to completing your research paper


Additional Resources

This section contains several outstanding websites to help you becomes an even better writer




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